Three reassurances about first time pregnancy*

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While becoming pregnant is perhaps one of the most amazing and interesting experiences, it can also be incredibly scary. While it’s almost unbelievable how powerful the body can be through this process, it can also feel like a scary and unpredictable ride. It turns out that creating a new human being from scratch is a whole rollercoaster. Who would have thought? This goes tenfold for your first pregnancy, as you are totally new to the whole process.

All flippancy aside, it’s not hard to see why new parents wish to feel as informed and secure as possible as they go through this process. It’s the least they deserve. Yet while relying on those closest to you is important, here are some perspectives to take when moving through your first pregnancy.

In this post, we hope to inform you and help you feel secure.

You can feel in control

You have a degree of control as to how you might like this pregnancy to go. Of course, you cannot predict everything, and your Doctor/midwife will always take the time to advise you as to your best decisions. Yet it could be that if you wish for a natural birth you prepare the birthing pools in advance, or maybe you wish to go to a certain hospital, or perhaps you feel that optimizing your diet means eating as well as possible and using the best supplements after referring to a medical professional. Planning and making choices can help you feel a sense of control and care at a time where many unpredictable things can happen at once.

You’re Never Alone

It’s important to note that you’re never alone. Speaking to your friends and family and relying on them for support, even if that simply means talking to them for a good cry when you’re feeling down and emotional (emotions can be quite unpredictable as your body goes through drastic changes), can help you get through this and even enjoy the process, knowing you’re being cared for as appropriate.

Remember that anything goes

Remember that whatever you feel is normal. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help for periods of distressing depression and anxiety symptoms – definitely reach out in these circumstances! But we can also adopt the mantra, go with the flow, go where it takes you. You’ll learn so much during this time, and you’ll also grow more than you had ever thought possible. You’ll become stronger than you ever knew, and your priorities may change. Welcome these changes, and understand they are happening for a reason.

With this advice, we hope you can feel more in-control, more supported, and emotionally prepared for the rollercoaster journey ahead.