4 Practical home upgrade ideas for #lockdownlife*

Restrictions might be easing, but lockdown is nowhere near over. You’ve still got plenty of time before you’re A) back to work full-time, B) back in the office, or C) working at all! Among other things, this means you’ve got plenty of time and not much to fill it with, which is perfect for a home upgrade or two!

Of course, you want to be proactive. The last thing you want to do is tweak a feature of your property because you’re bored and need to pass the time. What you need is a home upgrade that is practical as well as stylish. 

Here are four.

Fence The Garden

If you’ve seen multiple neighbours erecting pieces of wooden pallets in their gardens, it’s because sorting out your garden has tonnes of benefits. Of course, it goes without saying that it’s great for your mental health as you’re more likely to relax in an area that you love. However, fencing is also great at highlighting your property line, just in case people forget and start to take liberties! You’ll enjoy the fact that it offers security, too. Whether it’s the kids or a new pet, a fence provides an extra layer of safety.

Hang Artwork

Sprucing up your home should be about adding value as much as incorporating comfort, and there’s no better value than money! Yet, it’s not as straightforward as adding a conservatory and asking the local estate agent to value your home. Firstly, most renovations cost a bomb. Secondly, you’re not working full-time, so your income is lower. The good news is that hanging the right artwork from your walls could result in thousands of pounds in your bank balance. It turns out that buyers love fancy art because it’s sophisticated, so much so that graffiti is kosher as well!

Clear The Cupboards

You’ve wanted to do it for ages and always had an excuse. Now that you’ll binge-watched everything on Netflix, there’s not much left to do apart from cleaning your clutter. If you need a better reason than it passes the time, you should focus on how much cash you can make from the upgrade. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, which means anything you don’t want, you can sell online. You might not get rid of everything, but you should easily make a profit if you follow these top tips from thrift store experts.

Trust Your Gut

With so many jobs to complete, you might not know where to start. No matter how much you research or try to validate your decision, you’ll have to be decisive. The best option is to listen to your gut and trust it to the hilt. Although it’s not entirely scientific, there’s a reason you have an urge to finish a task. Something inside you is telling you to do it, and you should listen because at least you’ll feel better once it’s done. In many ways, the most practical home upgrades are the ones that leave you fulfilled since they scratch an itch.