Friday, 9 March 2018

My modern Victoria style picks

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Nowadays we have so much freedom to choose what to wear, what with our modern means and developments in fashion and underwear, which enable us to adopt fashions from other eras, taking the styles we love and
putting our own spin on it. Here are my modern Victoria style picks inspired by Jenna's beautiful gowns in the ITV series Victoria... think poofy sleeves, ruffles, broderie, boat necklines and fit and flare waists. I've been poring over Zimmermann pieces recently but for those like me who don't have that kind of budget, here are some easy ways to emulate the young Victoria's style using modern pieces; most of these are from ASOS!

1. Long sleeve, off shoulder ruffle detail dress, ASOS - I found it so difficult to find pieces with a boat or bateau neckline, I don't think it is in fashion right now! The closest I could find to Jenna's were off shoulder pieces, like this beautiful lace gown. It's knee length, a modern twist on an old fashion style, as it was considered promiscuous and improper to publicly reveal any part of the leg during most of, and especially the earliest part of Victoria's reign. I love that we have freedom now to pick and choose as we please. The more I learn about this era, the more I relish that; especially how pretty much every aspect of life is simpler and easier today.

2. Gottex off shoulder ruffle one piece, Simply Beach - you can exude Victoriana vibes in your swimming attire! The neckline and ruffles are beautiful, I love the burgundy shade too, I wish I had the money to buy it. Go and check out their swimsuits, if Victoriana isn't your thing, there's something there that definitely will be!

3. Corset overlay crop top, Lavish Alice - No one was more surprised than me to discover that corsets were back in fashion! Formerly worn as underwear, they are less about shaping the waist, acting as a bra and holding up skirts and more about visually accentuating an outfit and acting as a feature of interest, which I love. This would look so beautiful juxtaposed with a maxi skirt, the bodice is reminiscent of the styles worn in the 1800s, accentuated by the ruffles on the sleeves. It carries such a beautiful shape!

4. Bardot sweetheart neckline dress, Chicwish - this dress is so darling and I love the nostalgic sweetheart neckline! I am forever choosing dresses that are short sleeved and suited for warmer weather, I swear 98% of my wardrobe consists of spring and summer pieces haha. When the cold months arrive I just throw on multiple jumpers on top and hope for the best anyone else's wardrobe better suited to a sunnier climate?

5. Reclaimed vintage inspired broiderie mini dress, ASOS - I love the sleeves and lace detail on this broderie gown, it imitates the look of petticoats for me and is very Zimmermann-esque, with an extra underlay underneath. It captures all the romantic prairie vibes in one sweet dress and would look very pretty under a pinafore too.

6. Influence lace up corset top, ASOS - I love that we now have so much more freedom when it comes to corsets, can use them to our advantage when creating vintage inspired outfits but are not confined to them; we can adapt them to our needs. I really love how the oversized feel of this top accentuates the slim waist and emulates that trim hourglass shape of Jenna's gowns. It's also long sleeved, so handy when it's chilly out!

7. Ted Baker Araye skater dress with embellished collar, ASOS - this dress is so quaint and cute and expensive haha! I don't think I could justify spending that much on a dress but it's utterly adorable. The lacy collar is very similar to those worn by Jenna and the waist is accentuated by the pretty ruffles on the sleeves. It's a short dress and off shoulder too as a modern twist, although the queen was free to bare her shoulders and neck.

8. Ribbed long sleeved tee with corset front, ASOS - This would look amazing with a fit and flare skirt, the perfect modern vintage look. I definitely have a thing for these built in corset pieces, I love the shaped waist.

9. Myleene Klass tiered lace skater dress, Very - I'm getting Snow White vibes from this dress, it's so delicate with fashionable poofy sleeves and neckline that are as attractive today as they might have been near two hundred years ago. It is so strange to think how in today's time clothes are so freely and readily available, how easily one can acquire a full wardrobe, something one in the 19th century might only have dreamt of.

I hope you enjoyed this early Victoriana style edit! It borrows many a trend from Austen's time, which I love: the lace and romantic, prairie style gowns. You can see some of my favourite Victoria outfits on my Clara and the white rabbit board here, let me know if you followed me and I hadn't realised, I'll return the favour! 


  1. These are all so beautiful, I love the colour palette! I think 1 and 9 are my favourites <3 xx

    Sneha |

    1. Aw thank you so much Sneha! It's so nice to meet you :D ♡

  2. I still need to watch Victoria - can't believe I haven't started yet actually. You're so right about the choice we have nowadays to pick what we want to wear, it's great to have that freedom and variety. The dress from Very is my favourite, it's so gorgeous!

    Julia x
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    1. Aw thank you so much Julia, I'm so glad you liked it! I caved and bought the Broderie one, I wish I could afford them all xD ♡

  3. Nice selection.Great post darling, so nice and interesting!
    Have a nice weekend! ♥

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  4. I love all of these, they're so pretty and girly xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  5. I'm in love with all these things! I'm following you!


  6. Beautiful!!

  7. the vintage looks great... this is beautiful

  8. Gorgeous choices. Love that burgundy body suit.