Saturday, 17 March 2018

Modern technologies that will forever amaze me

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I'm forever being blown away by the hi tech gadgets I spot online, whether I'm reading up on blogs, they find their way in to my inbox, or I'm shopping for practise swimming gear for Oscar. I wanted to take a moment to
pay tribute to some of the most incredible inventions I've come across that I can't get my head around, technology that is nothing short of magical, it seems to belong to another lifetime. I can't believe these are available for ordinary folk like me to buy! Inspired by BBC's Back in Time for tea I have also added in some modern comforts I rely on all the time in every day life but end up taking for granted cosy pyjamas too

Underwater music player... it's unbelievably cool that not only do we have such advanced technology, we can use it underwater too. This underwater MP3 player by Finis sounds incredible and how useful! I've only just got used to the concept of a portable music player and still spend hours trying to imagine what our ancestors would think of it. I can't believe it's possible to use earphones well face phones, that's even cooler underwater!

Underwater camera... I wish I had the budget to afford an underwater camera for those incredible ocean shots on holiday that I see on instagram. The Go Pro Hero 5 Action camera is one I was blown away by (hint hint Mitch if you reading!) but I believe it's even possible to own a waterproof iPhone now. Speaking of which...

Smartphones/gadgets... how is it possible for a girl like me to possess this kind of magic? That was my reaction come owning my very first iPhone only a year or so ago. A few emails, texts, apps installed later it was part of my every day routine and I would whip it out about 2470 times a day, never really giving it a second thought. I never want to lose that appreciation for my phone and what it can do. I honestly can't get my head around how responsive it is, the immense power within such a small device. I never want to lose that joy I feel doing the most basic of tasks, listening to rain sounds, looking at roses all year round, spending hours modifying and decorating the homescreen... anyone else get very very excited about prettifying their new gadgets?

Cloud storage... we can now collect and store non physical things, how is that possible? Gone are the days where we struggled to house vast quantities of papers, memories and photographs in our homes I am still struggling haha now we can form collections online instead, store huge numbers of letters and photographs and even share them instantly with people on the other side of the planet. Although it does make me treasure physical photo copies a little more because I can hold and feel and bury myself in them.

Shampoo and conditioner... I love the feeling of freshly washed, conditioned hair, it's pretty amazing that we only have to massage them in and rinse and they completely transform our hair. Combing through with oil was the most effective way to refresh and style greasy, tangled hair in the Victorian era. Not only do our shampoos nowadays so easily keep our locks clean and easy to style but help to keep them healthier, stronger. Recently we have seen an influx of shampoos that are sulphate free, which are even kinder on the hair!

Photo editing softwares... how amazing that we can edit, exert such precision over and completely change the look of our photos without even physically having to lay our hands on them! For many of us this is effortless nowadays but it is such an amazing thing to be able to do and a whole new creative medium to explore.

Emailing... we're used to receiving and firing off emails every day and I love that the handwritten letter has risen in popularity once again, as a form of entertainment rather than a necessity. Once you have about 11,090 unread emails accumulated in your inbox it's easy to take them for granted. But how wonderful to be able to send an instant, electronic letter around the world; with so little effort, contact the other side of the planet in an instant. When you think about that it seems unfathomable, I can't believe it's so easy to do.

The freezer... The compartment beneath my fridge is not something I think about regularly, if at all, yet it saves me from having to treck miles in to town every day and has enabled me to be able to enjoy my life, rather than desperately sleeping all day before trying to cook meals from scratch in the kitchen. Having ME makes life so difficult and often unbearable, it is often all I can do to stagger to the freezer and pull out something to pop on an oven tray. Without the freezer, I don't know how I would cope.

So many of these are novelty and there are so many more I haven't mentioned or even thought about: modern medicine, heating, running water and safe birth care, to name a few, are all incredible things. It's scary how much I rely on many of these things in every day life without a second thought. I think soon we will be able to do everything - and live - underwater! I think old ways are so important to know, even if they are becoming increasingly archaic in our society now. I'm making it my mission to learn more this year about becoming more self sufficient, growing our own food, making things around the home, blogging as I go 


  1. I do think that people often take for granted how far we've come in the world of technology. We have so many amazing things nowadays that sometimes we forget that it life never used to be like this.

    1. Aw thank you Linda! It's so strange, it must be a whole different world to only 100 years ago; it's so funny that we can't fathom life without out advancements and gadgets ♡

  2. The one thing that always amazes me when I stop to think about it is the fact that we now have internet pretty much everywhere, we can literally access any information regardless of where we are

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Aw thank you Ariadna! That is so incredible, I really need to stop and think about it more often haha :D ♡

  3. I loved reading this! It's true, we do take so many things as a given, but without them this world would be completely different. I was chatting about this with my husband yesterday - if it wasn't for the internet we wouldn't have the same jobs. We probably wouldn't have even met! It really makes you think.

    Sneha |

  4. What a wonderfully honest post – I absolutely adored reading this piece by yourself, Elizabeth!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Technology is great and all but I'm very thankful for the everyday things such as running clean water and transportation. There are so many countries where people can't get either so I'm very grateful that I can. ♥

  7. This is how I feel whenever I look at my phone especially when it can take amazing photos haha

  8. I was only thinking about this last night! I was thinking how clever some people really were to come up with all the things we know and use daily now. It really is fascinating and I am in awe at those type of people. My brain just can't comprehend inventing something or even knowing where to begin with something like that.

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  10. It's not something I often think about, but when I stop to it does seem unbelievable to me that we have all these gadgets and modern things that make life so much easier. Washing machines and dishwashers I often marvel at - when I have both running, I think to myself, how much of my day would be taken up with washing clothes and dishes if I had to do it all by hand as in the olden days. We are so lucky. x x

  11. I loved reading this post!

    I am completely with you on cloud storage. I remember having to save family pictures onto disks and even floppy disks to save them!

    Danielle xx

  12. Yep totally agree. What a great post!