Friday, 2 March 2018

7 things to do in Devon this summer*

Staycation ideas... last year I travelled all the way down to Exeter, while we were staying in the Midlands, to pick up my pair of Siamese gerbils. It's such a pretty place and it brought back memories of going camping down in the south when I was little, stumbling across beautiful old places, seaside resorts and all of the postcard perfect scenery. Here are some dreamy locations to visit, especially around the south of Devon, that will make perfect outings for families of any age, size, especially those that like spooky old places like me haha! From left hand corner, clockwise... *contains an advert

1. Visit Killerton, Exeter - this 18th century house looks stunning, complete with its 6400 acres garden! There is so much to see here, from orchards, to woods, to eateries boasting free wifi, to a vintage fashion collection and exhibition. Coming up there is a Cadbury Easter egg hunt at Killerton on April 6 and even a lambing event on 31st March, a chance to see the newborn and baby lambs up close for animal lovers. The estate welcomes dogs and every penny you spend in the shop or restaurant, bursting with seasonal produce, is invested in to the charity, helping to care for Killerton.

2. Visit Bradley, beautifully preserved medieval manor house - this place is meant to be just like Townend, near us in the Lake District. I absolutely love these kind of places, visiting is just like stepping back in time, there's nothing else like it for me. I find it endless kinds of fascinating, the glimpse in to an age old way of life, a world that is entirely different to our own. I love how time seems to stand still and you can see all the old furnishings perfectly preserved in the same way they would have been left hundreds of years ago. This beautiful historical house is only five minutes from the centre of Newton Abbot, but hidden out of the way, so if you are in the area you can enjoy a quiet getaway that is right near all the facilities of the town. It's also huge!

3. Visit a haunted house or five - Exeter in south Devon is said to be rated as the fourth most haunted city in the UK, with places like Fulford Manor, Exeter Cathedral and the Prospect Inn. There's also the Old Church House Inn in nearby Newton Abbot, infamous haunted castle Berry Pomeroy in Totnes in the south that is featured in the image here, plus Powderham castle...

4. Powderham castle, Exeter looks incredible, it's like a real life fairytale backdrop. The gardens are said to be incredible too, it looks a magical place to visit all year round. They even hold deer park safaris, that is so cool! As well as being the perfect fairytale setting, complete with woodland creatures, they are dog and family friendly and the place is huge. You can embark on a castle tour to explore the opulent interiors, enjoy lunch at the adorable cafe and they hold regular musical events too!

5. Go to the beach - Beaches in the south and around the east of Devon are some of the most beautiful in the country! Ness Cove beach in Teignmouth, Teignmouth beach complete with an 1800's pier, Mill Bay, Meadfoot beach and Dawlish Warren beach with tons of facilities. Let me know if I've missed any, I will pop them in! I've always longed to visit Barricane beach, in the north of Devon, famous for its unique, exotic and beautiful shells that end up there all the way from the Caribbean.

6. Visit Agatha Christie's home, Greenway House - this looks an absolutely magical place to visit in spring! A stunning location described as 'the loveliest place in the world', it boasts a beautiful walled garden, a wonderful library and a large and romantic woodland all preserved as it was in the 1950's when Agatha and her family spent summers here relaxing by the river and playing croquet. You can even arrive by ferry or stream train! Dogs are definitely welcome and there are even treats to be given out at reception. There are a multitude of stunning walks around the area.

7. Further south is the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, horse and pony welfare charity, where you can visit for free and see all the horses and ponies. This sounds like such a fun day out, especially for animal lovers and anything you do spend will go towards the upkeep of the horses. You can tell I am pretty biased towards animal petting, haunted houses and gardens haha!

It's also fun to check out all the cute shops, diners and family run businesses in Devon, ranging from handmade goods and gifts to fudge makers, to farmers markets and local window installers. If you happen to move to the area you can even create your own little slice of old fashioned archaic countryside  life   beauty with extensions for homes in Torbay, Exeter & Devon, also established in South Devon. I hope you enjoyed this post about a different corner of the UK for a change, for more information about pretty places in the area see Visit South Devon and for more about the property services featured in this article do check out home improvements in Exeter and Devon 

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