Saturday, 16 December 2017

The most beautiful Christmas wreath, Hotel Chocolat*

Hotel Chocolat wreath box review
All is calm, all is bright, chocolate wreath with tea tonight... When it comes to Christmas desserts, this year I'm thinking go big or go home, try something totally different (mmm yes Caribbean style rum cake with
coconut ice cream) or just take the evening off and order chocolates. Hotel Chocolat have created a gorgeous range of chocolates that taste exactly like Christmas puddings and delicacies, down to the last pinch of nutmeg.
Hotel Chocolat wreath box review
Within the wreath hide salted caramels, carrot cake, shortbread and champagne truffles, a mulled wine extraordinaire, even Christmas Mess to impress your loves ones and guests! I can't believe how much you receive in one box, there's such huge variety and so many to pass around, something that everyone will love.

The Carrot Cake is one of my favourites, it's insanely good. It takes me back to the magical Christmasses spent at my Grandma's house, the homemade sponge on her precious china plates with the log fire crackling, the curtains with moons on them and the huge, dark, wild garden outside. This chocolate takes me back there.

The salted caramels are so smooth and silky, the perfect amount of salt too *insert thumb finger emoji*  They take me back to relaxing in the gorgeous Hotel Chocolat cafe Birmingham with that smooth, chilled music, the black clad walls and mirrors and piles of salted caramel cream with chocolate shavings heaped in front of me. 
Hotel Chocolat wreath box review
New found favourites of mine are the Cinnamon Bun, a dreamy, rich, cinnamon caramel mousse that unravels slowly in your mouth, and the Treacle Tart, I love how they replicated the texture of pastry to bring the flavour to life and there are so many elements and subtle flavours within the caramel, it really is a masterpiece!

The champagne truffles are a classic, I always buy a selector of these whenever I get to visit Birmingham. They taste incredible, inside and out. This one harbours a hefty kick of alcohol, so much more flavour than I've ever experienced before in a chocolate, the filling is rich, warm and fragrant inside the delicately frosted shell. 

Hotel Chocolat boxes never fail to disappoint in terms of opulence, they enchant all of the senses. The packaging is so dreamy, the pretty wreath box really is the perfect centrepiece to your shabby chic Christmas table. Have you shopped for Christmas yet? What are your plans? I'd love to know! (this is a PR sample)


  1. So delicious! xx

  2. This is perfection. I always find that Hotel Chocolat is the ideal Christmas gift!

    Danielle xx

  3. I've never tried anything from Hotel Chocolat, but I have to say these sound so yummy! I wonder how the flavour of the treats translate into the chocolates - especially the carrot cake one!

    Julia x
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    1. Thank you so much Julia! They are so true to life, right down to the texture, they are amazing! :D ♡

  4. Great post dear :)
    Thank you for posting
    xx Katha