Sunday, 5 February 2017

Toddler first bedroom ideas

Toddler boy bedroom ideas
It's such an exciting prospect that Oscar might have his own room soon, his very own space! At the moment we are going through the proceedings of buying our very first home, an upstairs floor flat in a
block of two, that is only five minutes away from where we live now. I'm so excited to have more space and our very own set of stairs! Although is it still quite small, I am in love with the area we live in - most times I feel like a stowaway, living alongside the millionaires in their beautiful country cottages with huge, sprawling gardens. We are going to have our own cat flap and two whole bedrooms eeep!

I'm really loving light, Scandinavian, shabby chic styles at the moment, being inspired by Amy at Amy Evans & Jess's gorgeous moodboard. I'd love to make it soft, dreamy and whimsical, although at the same time boyish, as much as my decorating style will allow *resists urge to add frangipani and forget me nots*

1. This toddler bedding set is so darling! It has little tiger-cat faces on and I also managed to find a batman print one that Oscar would love too. He loves to have little faces on his bedding, spending hours poking at the 'eyes', 'nose' and 'mouth'. He loves the song 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'!

2. I would love to incorporate some rustic touches and textures to create a cosy atmosphere. This Jute storage basket is so dreamy, perfect for use as a toybox and storing little boy's bits and bobs. I love the gentle two tone colour design and the little handles are really cute too.

3. This Orianna tapestry is gorgeous, the soft pastel hues stole my heart. It's perfect for adding a little touch of boho to the room and tie it together with its dreamy, earthy, natural colours.

4. I couldn't resist adding in a garland! I love to bring elements of nature in to my home so this feather one was just right - I would love to try making my own, maybe using painted fir cones instead. 

5. This little Oil Slick bowl is darling, such a pretty accent. It reminds me of a polished gemstone, as if it were made from blue lace agate, with the dreamy pastel blue hues and luxe oil slick finish.

6. This wood textured wallpaper oozes shabby chic vibes; I'm thinking of maybe making a feature wall or two. It brings such a cosy, rustic feel to a room, while keeping it light and feeling spacious!

7. Oscar would love to have his own little den and this little wigwam is so darling. I love the playful tribal inspired prints; I'm wishing for a grown up size version so I can move in!

8. This Crescent Moon Catch All Dish is perfect for keeping odd socks, bits and bobs and inspiring sweet slumber with its cute speckled, crescent moon design. I'm a sucker for novelty items!

9. Oscar and I are huge fans of the Peter Rabbit books and these alphabet letters are adorable; I wish I could collect them all. Hopefully I can find a letter O! 

10. This throw looks so warm and cosy and I love the soft, natural beige hue and chunky texture. I'm all about the soft, relaxing nude hues as a canvas for bright pops of colour and mixing up different textures!

11. I love the eclectic style of this chest of draws and would love to try some upcycling of my own, using soft, bright colours in a similar way - I'd love to try a punch of navy blue with little moons painted on.

I can't wait to finally move and put up Oscar's lil 'O' Q letter on his wall! I'd love to do a home makeover series, what do you think? I can't wait to see what Oscar will think about moving all his toys in! 


  1. Oh! I love this style!

  2. Ahh I love it!! We totally have the same style when it comes to decorating! A home makeover series? YES PLEASE <3

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Thank you so much Renee! Awww I'm so glad you liked it!! ♡

  3. How exciting! Firstly big congratulations on getting your own home, I hope the process goes smoothly and you're in your new home soon <3.

    Thank you for mentioning me! I absolutely adore the things you've picked for him, such a lovely little space. I can't wait to decorate our future children's rooms haha. - Amy

    1. Wow thank you so much Amy, so kind! I'm so glad you liked it and can't wait to read about it either haha, I adore your style :D ♡

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  5. Loved this post, congratulations on getting your own home! Oscar is such a lucky boy getting all of this amazing furniture! Great choices! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Thank you so much Marina, so kind of you! Awwww! :D ♡

  6. Everything is so cute!

    Vanessa x |