Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Life lately in snapshots #10

I'm not yet sure if I'm ready for summer to go, I've grown so accustomed to the light mornings and midsummer nights. In August I got Disney princess treatment, having my birthday, enjoying meatballs
in IKEA, catching a Jigglypuff and the weather was magical! I also graduated from having my CBT sessions and moved on to a new page in my treatment. Here's a look at this month through the lens.
1. My Birthday 'shelfie'! I went shopping with my sister for my birthday and have a little haul on my shelf I'm excited to show you. I have NYX lip creams and butter gloss in shades Cannes, Milan and Toasted Marshmallow, IKEA flowers, Accessorize journal that I am yet to unveil on my blog, Yankee Candle in Bunny Cake, Candy Kitten sweets and Victoria Secret magical Pink spray with glitter.

2. Lush's Unicorn horn is prettier than I imagined and even smells different too! It's got much more of citrus edge than I initially anticipated, although you can definitely smell the lavender, so dreamy. I picked up a couple in the Lush Kitchen and can't wait to review them.

3. Fresh sheets on my bed make the perfect backdrop to new photos! I'm in love with these ones from Primark, super soft and lovely, the pattern is so dreamy and pretty.
4. New jumper Monday! This should totally be a thing. My day was filled with bed curls, NYX soft lip cream in Tokyo, Vanessa Carlton music and Michael Nyman soundtracks. I've recently rediscovered Erik Satie's Premiere Gymnopedie and my goodness it's beautiful, breathtakingly so.

5. These pink hay bales really remind me of marshmallows and I snapped this view just outside of Grasmere. I've loved taking day trips on my well days and the Lakes is beautiful in the summer!

6. PINK Bralet from Victoria Secret. I picked this up when in Birmingham, it's so cute and comfy to wear on its own and during exercise. Is it too late in the year to take on my New Years resolution? I am determined to shed the baby weight from my middle!
7. An afternoon in the sand pit. Oscar's development has been crazy recently, he's walking round the flat saying 'stop' and 'yep' to himself and can even pronounce my sister's name, 'Bridget'. He can understand even more words and is shedding his baby chub every day. I'm always snapping pictures of him but took some darling ones up in Keswick, I can't wait to do a little boy update soon!

8. Penpal letters. I have loved sending and receiving letters this month, from my darling Sophie at Completely Rambling. Her letter paper is gorgeous and I loved her article on Having a Pen Pal. It makes me so happy to be part of something like this. I have also received the cutest box of gifts from beautiful Angi at Two Different Worlds as we have a little blog penpal project going on! 

9. Designing a phone and tablet case on Caseapp was a big highlight of my month and I love how they came out! You can personalise your own on their website for any gadget, with a glossy or matte finish. Alternatively, enter my giveaway here! There are still a few more hours left to go, eeeek!

Thank you so much for your sweet words! I can't wait to cosy up with some marshmallows and leave some comments of my own  what are your plans for September? 


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous!! Great photos :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. I love all the pink!

  3. SO much pink! I love it!! You look like you've had a great month and I'm so jealous of your visit to Grasmere, one of my favourite places :)

    Tori | Tori's World

  4. These photoset is so dreamy. I'm glad you had a great month, and, aww, congratulation for Oscar ;)

    Selene Addicted

  5. I love your photo set it's gorgeous!
    Also I love your post! xo


  6. Love the post with all the photos

  7. Oh my �� I love your photos! Belated happy birthday! I love Nyx lipipies as well.

  8. Your photos are always so beautiful! I love the look of your birthday shelf, so much pink <3 | Amy x

  9. Your pictures are so cute !


  10. Ugh your pictures are so gorgeous! Your little boy is adorable. :) I'm glad to see youre doing well!

  11. Oh MY GOD! these photos are amazing and I love your shelf! and your little boy is so cute. I always am intrigued by pen pal letters, I hope one day I can do it with someone also. I am so impressed with your phone case. It is definitely so cute and I love the personality behind it :)
    wishing you all the best,

  12. Gorgeous pictures! Summer looks so nice through your lens, so I understand you not wanting it to be over. But I bet you can make autumn look amazing too!
    Much love,

  13. Wow your feed is so gorgeous and girly - I love it! Also I just read your little Baby section about giving birth to Oscar - he is adorable! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  14. I love your curls - gorgeous! Oscar is so handsome, too! x x

  15. Oh please please PLEASE can we make New Jumper Monday a thing??
    Such a cute round up
    M x Life Outside London