Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Five beautiful islands to visit in Europe

Europe is an incredible place with so many different cuisines, cultures, and languages to explore. With so many different countries pressed up next to each other, you can soak up so much without ever having to cross water. 
But what if what you're seeking for your next holiday needs that European flavor, but with a touch of sand, sea, beaches and a bit of tranquility and peace thrown in as well? Fortunately enough, in Europe that isn't an impossible task at all! Here to pique your interest and add to your list of faraway lands you'd love to visit, here are some of the most beautiful islands of Europe that are definitely worth fitting in to your travel plans!

Capri, Italy - Learning Italian and need the perfect excuse to practice? Babbel certainly can't provide you with this picture-perfect place! There is never a moment you won't want to capture on a camera whether it is day or night. Capri is famous for its sapphire-blue sea and sprawling beaches, and has been a popular spot for relaxing by the shore for literal centuries. The Ancient Greeks first established Capri, which has been used as a resort since the time of the Roman Republic. This definitely is an island in the sun that you don’t want to miss! 

Corsica, France - Est-ce que vous parlez le fran├žais? So you want to put those French lessons you’ve been taking with Language Trainers to the test: Corsica is a must-visit for history enthusiasts as well as sun-seekers. It spent centuries under the rule of Italy before finally becoming a region of France, and as a result you will get an interesting mix of both cultures as you explore. And explore you must, for Corsica, the Mediterranean's largest island, has numerous castles and churches for you to soak up the history off when you're not busy being mesmerized by its beautiful coastline.

Crete, Greece - How’s that Duolingo course treating you? Probably not as great as this island will make you feel! Crete might be one of the most famous Islands of Europe. Crete is the biggest and most populated of all the Greek islands, and is steeped in so much of history for you to discover. As the former centre of the Minoan Civilization, which is thought to be the earliest recorded civilization in Europe, you will be walking in the footsteps of an incredible people. Crete's administrative capital Heraklion is an essential place to visit alone with the palace of Knossos, believed to be the site of Labyrinth and the home to Minotaur. 

Hvar, Croatia - Croatia has one of the most stunning coastlines in the Adriatic Sea, so that it has some of the most beautiful islands should really go without saying. Hvar is another perfect blend of beaches, history, and culture to indulge in. As a former annex of the Republic of Venice, Hvar boasts churches containing the works of Venetian artists like Tintoretto and Bellini. And between the antique theatre arena, Saint Stephen's Square, Tvrdalj Castle, and all the other significant points of heritage, you will be spoilt for choice on where to go first.

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom - Now here is a choice you might never have even considered given the reputation of the weather of the UK! But from the Isle of Wight's summer music festival to its beautiful routes for those of you who like to hike, this little piece of tranquility will be a pleasant surprise. The Isle of Wight has a history that dates back to the Paleolithic Era, and its beauty caught the attention of Queen Victoria back in the nineteenth century. So as well as all the beautiful natural history for you to enjoy there is also the palace to explore that the Queen had built for her own private residence from which to do the same.

Whatever island calls to you first, whether in Italian, French, Greek, Croatian, or English, Europe has the perfect island destination waiting for you!

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