Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Rose season in the park

It was my sister's eighteenth recently and as part of the celebrations I was lucky enough to find myself in my absolute favourite place in the world, Regents Park in London, during rose season!
The park is the most beautiful, romantic, melancholy place to me; even though I live up north, it completely captured my heart when I saw it on TV once, and I would spend my perfect day adoring the beautiful gardens, sharing croissants with squirrels and taking endless photos.
We spent a hour just photographing all of the flowers in the Queen Mary's rose garden. I've never experienced it in that way before, as we normally visit on my birthday in late August, when the rose season has just fallen away. This time, the scent of turkish delight was heavy in the air, the bushes were thick and full with colour and the roses dipped, bobbed their heads for the many visitors stopping to admire them, every person holding out a camera or a phone.
Every single rose was admired and smelt by everybody. I wish I could capture the scent of them to bring to you! A smell straight from farmed Turkish rose fields or the kitchens of Lush Oxford Street (a story for another time). Reading the names of the roses is my favourite pastime and at the foot of every bush is a little plaque detailing the name of each rose, some with very curious titles! "Deep Secret" "Lovely Lady" and very happily "Ice Cream" - a rose by any other name!
The rose season is definitely one of my favourite times of year and something I anticipate for months a whole year in advance. I love swooning over the pretty shades, sitting beneath the untidy, sprawling boughs and canopies that overlook hanging benches, as well as admiring the neatly pruned bushes and shrubs. I really envy my sister to have a birthday in June, there must be nothing better than to go and see their roses at their prime on your birthday! 
Look at this little guy having a nibble at my bag! It amazes me how tame the squirrels are in the park, it's a foreign concept up north and they must get so spoilt with all the visitors and food! He bravely ventured right up and sat happily on my boot while I took my photos.
I thought I would throw in a snap of this stunning lilac silver rose in the centre as it completely stole my heart: appropriately named 'Silver Shadow'. The pink roses are also my favourites, they are so swoon worthy in season and come in all romantic shades of fuscia, blush, barely there, dusky pinks, rouge, a carpet of petals collecting beneath them on the grass.
Do check it out if you're ever in the area, it's such a beautiful place! It is said that the best times to visit are in the first few weeks of June, but there are always a few late blooms when I visit in August. Roses are truly one of nature's wonders, a lazy day spent reading in a rose garden with croissants on hand would be my perfect summers day haha. 
Catch my previous Regents Park diaries here, featuring the park in August! From bluebells, to frangipani, to roses, which flowers are your favourites? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I love rose season as well, it's just amazing to see all these beautiful flowers bloom. I've never been to Regent's Park around that time of year, but you've made me want to! I saw the cherry blossoms there though in April, there's a whole lot of them at one end of the park and it was beautiful, people were taking photos underneath them and it was all sooo pretty.
    However when it comes to flowers, lilac is my favourite! I love how pretty it looks and how good it smells - I'm waiting for it every spring! :D

    Julia x

    1. Awww thank you so much Julia!! You must get to see so many beautiful gardens on your travels :D wow, that sounds amazing! I must make a note to visit at that time of year next time! Lilac is the loveliest, great choice! :D ♡

  2. All of your photos are lovely! I would love to visit there, I roses are some of my favourite flowers ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  3. I love roses, your pictures are so beautiful!! x

  4. Beautiful photos. I love roses :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

  5. You can't go wrong with roses, and these photos are just so lovely! This must have been a dream to stroll through!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  6. Gosh these are so, so beautiful. I was at my Grans just last night & she was so proud of her rose bush & asked me to take pictures so she could remember what they looked like once they're out of season. It was so precious :)

    Katie //

  7. These photos are so beautiful and capture the atmosphere you're describing perfectly! xo

  8. oh my goodness what beautiful photos you have taken. Looks like a gorgeous day :) x

  9. Such beautiful photos, I do love roses! I've never been to Regents Park but it looks beautiful, especially with all the flowers in bloom!

    Kayleigh |

  10. Wow, the Queen Mary's rose garden looks absolutely beautiful! Your photography is lovely and it's made me dream of going there myself :) Regent Park is definitely getting adding to my wishlist of places to visit in the UK. That 'Silver Shadow' rose is so nice, such a unique shade. My favourite flowers are sweetpeas, bluebells and bleeding hearts :)

  11. Beautiful pictures Elizabeth! I wish I lived somewhere with seasons! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog btw. I am now following you on bloglovin and Instagram! <3


  12. Wow your photos are incredibly beautiful, I have fallen in love with your blog. x

  13. Oh I love roses. And these photos are sooo beautiful. Awesome post!
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Much love,

  14. What a delightful post! My idea of heaven is a rose garden so this is such a treat. Your photographs are just stunning. Monica xx

  15. Such pretty photos!

  16. Stunning post, the rose garden looks so serine and pretty. You have captured the flowers beautifully and I liked hearing about you day with your Sister. I’ve started to get into gardening a little bit, I’m still a beginner but it was interesting to hear about the rose names, they are so lovely! The squirrels sound cute too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  17. Your photography skills are amazing and the squirrel looks so cute!
    I love roses (especially pink ones) as they have such a beautiful strong scent to them. I loved reading this post xx

  18. They're so pretty! Unfortunately for me, the nearest garden that offers beautiful blooming flowers would be in NYC which would take me half an hour to an hour to get into. I don't have any favorite flowers but I do admire one once I see them, and these ones right here are so gorgeous!


  19. wow, those photos are absolutely stunning! Those flowers are sooo dreamy! x

  20. Oh my, I love these photos so so much! Those roses are gorgeous! I love your blog so much! I followed you on all social medias :) x

  21. Oh your photos are so beautiful! I love roses too - so delicate <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  22. This garden looks so beautiful, I loved your photos. I'm glad you had a lovely day for your sister's birthday. | Amy x

  23. Lovely pictures!

    x Hannah

  24. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wish that they had rose gardens near where I lived.

  25. These photos are beautiful. Great post darling! Have a fabulous weekend!
    Much love, Len

  26. Ahh so lovely! Roses are my favourite, especially pretty pink roses! Gorgeous post.

    Janelle x

  27. What a beautiful garden! These photos are so lovely.

  28. oh my goodness that squirrel is so close! I've never seen them this tame before, it seems they only have to sense a camera to sprint off :P Truly beautiful photos, captures summer completely :) xxxx

    Bumble & Be

  29. Wow, wunderschöne Fotos!! Ich liebe Rosen <3
    LG Vanessa