Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The garden in May

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by the amount of photographs I have taken lately! This time of year turns the garden in to a whole new kind of paradise that I will ne'er tire of, will never lose
my appreciation for, no matter how many times I photograph it. I feel as if it were my duty to recognise, capture and preserve it in my own little way: the bluebells, the apple blossoms, the rhododendrons, wild garlic, wisteria hanging in boughs above walls and houses. I shall organise it in to parts, and will record as best I can before everything comes away for the next season.
I will take you on a journey behind the house. We'll take the crumbling stone steps by the back of the laboratory and head up through the wild grasses and shrubbery until we meet the beck and the wall at the back of the garden. We'll take a left, away from the bubbling beck.
Up and down, o'er the hills and down through the clearings, we'll tread, following the trodden down path we can barely make out in the sweet grasses. There are bluebells here, dashes of blue here and there in the embankments, but they are only a promise of what is to come.
Over the hill and far away... here I have found a great wonderland of bluebells, completely secluded from, and a secret to, the rest of the garden, even to the deer. It belongs solely to the noisy selection of bees, and cabbage whites, that frequent the place. The carpet of blue is thick and lush, untouched and glorious. The bluebells, together in their number, give off a honey like scent, mixed with the warm smell of the earth. I love how the petals of little flower heads are curled at the ends, like tiny fairy skirts, unctuous shades of blue and indigo, white and violet.
We'll kneel amongst the flowers and watch bumblebees and honey bees fall clumsily from flower to flower around us, basking in the sun and listening to their sweet hum. Moss collects on our clothes and comes away shrivelled on our fingertips. The balmy breeze turns, and cabbage whites and orange tips come out from nowhere, flitting together and apart.
The trees, the flowers, the mayflies, butterflies, bees, all giddy with May's sweet syrup, enjoying the sunshine, milking the day for all its worth. They are hungry and dancing in their secluded den and not for a moment will they notice that we're here. Under the softly blowing canopies of trees do we watch the world go by and relish our freedom.
What do you think about my little virtual garden tour? Do stay tuned for the next in the series, where you are invited in to the orchard with Oscar and I for apple blossoms! I will bid farewell, for it is at this point that I go and lose myself in the bluebells and retreat to a land of elves 


  1. absolutely lovely! xx


  2. Just beautiful! I love the way you write - so vibrant and magical. Thank you for this delightful post! Monica xx


    1. Aw wow, thank you so much Monica! I was pretty tired when writing it haha but so glad it turned out alright :D so glad you liked it! ♡

  3. These photos are absolutely wonderful! I love the magic and whimsy of a spring garden ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Awww this time of year is so amazing! To capture a small part of it is wonderful for me :D thank you so much Amy!! ♡

  4. Nice pictures, have a good day


  5. This was wonderful, I felt like I was there through reading your vivid descriptions and looking at the beautiful photos! Your photography is stunning, and I definitely like these virtual tours very much :)

    My Lovelier Days

  6. This is such a breathtaking post. I adore your photos, and I can't wait for more!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  7. lovely photos <3 a little piece of paradise! xX summer come quickly!

  8. Such beautiful pictures and writing.


  9. Such a perfect little place, so lovely and beautiful! :)

    xx, Matea

  10. Such lovely photos! And I adored the text you added to it too! I will definitely stay tuned for next time!
    Hope you are having a nice week.
    Much love,

  11. This post is so lovely! I love well-written posts, so both your prose and the photography enchanted me :D You are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden, it really is a land fit for fairies! ;)

    Julia x
    Last post: Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Review | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2016/05/review-charlotte-tilbury-matte.html

  12. Gorgeous photos - it does look like fairies live there. Looks so magical.


  13. Thank you for taking me to virtual garden tour which looks so dreamy and I'm feeling like in a fairytale story.

    Love, Dayu
    Fairytale Odyssey

  14. i follow your great blog!
    kisses from poland :*

  15. Beautiful post and gorgeous photos! I love bluebells - May is such a beautiful month isn't it ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  16. Oh my goodness these pictures are so beautiful. It looks so serene and calm. Gorgeous <3

    Katie | Words By Katie

  17. I loved this post. Made me smile a lot :) You write so beautifully! And the pictures look amazing. I'd love a garden like that.
    Emma xxx


  18. These photos are magical! xo


  19. amazing photos! My boyfriend is planning to buy a DSLR. what brand and kind are you using?


  20. Your garden looks like the perfect setting for a fairy tale ... Beautiful!

    Amy - fourcatsplusus

  21. Your writing is absolutely beautiful and I love the story you weave while taking us through your garden. It sounds like a fairy tale!

  22. I've been looking forward to seeing your bluebell photos. Gorgeous! Angharad x


  23. your photography skills are AMAZING! so summery x


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