Sunday, 13 March 2016

How to choose the right presents for your pet

Being a pet owner gives you an extra furry member of your family to treat and spoil. It's so much fun keeping track of their birthday so you can celebrate it just like you would for other members of your family. Here are some ideas for sourcing gifts that you and your pet can enjoy together and make use of, that will last and are responsibly sourced too. Keep reading to find out... 

Eco Friendly - whatever you are purchasing, a carrier basket, a harness, or a leash, take time to make sure that the manufacturer is using eco friendly and responsibly sourced materials. You want the present to be strong and durable, but also that it is not harming the environment your pet is sharing with humans. You can check out some ideas from Responsible Owner including walking bags and accessories that will make your life easier and your dog’s walks much more fun and enjoyable. 

Safe - when choosing a gift ensure that the treat, the toy, or the accessory you are getting your pet is safe and doesn’t harm their health. There are certain materials that can cause respiratory illnesses, be dangerous to chew, are poisonous to some creatures or are easy to accidentally swallow, so always ask your vet for an advice if you are not sure whether or not the gift will be safe for your pet. 

Natural - when you buy treats for your pet, remember to check the ingredients and try to choose a company that makes natural treats, and avoids colourants and additives. They may harm pets’ health just as much as they do humans’. Do plenty of research online, find out about the manufacturing process, and find out whether or not the ingredients are a part of your pet’s natural diet.Image via Flickr

Enjoyable - when choosing a pet gift take time to browse all the options to find something enjoyable and fun for them, plus the whole family as well. If you are getting a ball, a hiding place, or a play tunnel, you could even try hiding treats inside and around the toy for extra enrichment. An outdoor exercise gym for dogs is also a fun idea for your furry friend, something they will be able to make the most of, an investment for years to come providing ways you can make play time even more fun for them. Think about multi sensory toys too, especially if they love light up toys or ones that make a noise.

 Age Appropriate - when buying toys and treats for their pets it is easy to accidentally choose something that might not suit their age. You might have seen older dogs play nicely with a stuffed toy, but it might not last five minutes for a puppy! A good plan is to take in to consideration their mental and physical development level, so you can make the most out of your time together and they will appreciate your choices even more. Get to know their favourite activities and what they love to do, just like you would with a human child, in order to choose them a perfect present. This may take extra time, love, patience and playtime as unlike a human child, they cannot explain to us what they would really like!

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