Sunday, 13 March 2016

5 ways to invest in yourself for summer*

It’s not always easy to put yourself first. Whether you’re a mama or not, there's often so much going on in life it's hard to put yourself before others. You feel the joy of helping others to succeed but after a while, you might realise you're giving from an empty cup, not really saving any free time for yourself and burning yourself out in the process. You may also wonder how you managed to put every single person above yourself for so long without realising. This is why you should take the time to work on you just as much as anybody else, to invest in yourself, take a break and take some time to enjoy your favourite self-care activities. Here are some restful ideas you might love *collaborative post

1. Look After Your Skin - a first thing to do here is to nourish, pamper and take care of your skin. Having clear, healthy, radiant skin always helps you to feel your best. To feel summer ready, work out which products help your skin to look and feel its best and make it glow from the inside out by eating well, especially foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and boost collagen production. 

2. Enrich Your Mind - another thing you can do to invest in yourself is to enrich your mind. Maybe set time to read more, go to conferences or listen to podcasts - find ways to feed your mind and make yourself grow. Find out new things you never knew, watch documentaries, you name it!

3. Pursue A Passion Now, if you want to invest in yourself, one of the best things that you can do is to focus on something that you love. We all have passions, yet we don’t always pursue them, or there often isn't time. However big, however small, embark on that passion this year. Whether it’s taking up a hobby and investing in equipment for it, like the Vale Stables for horse riding, or getting lessons to learn a language, invest. Because if it helps you to enjoy your summer, it’s worth it. 

4. Focus On Your Health - another lovely thing is to make sure that you’re putting your health first too. Having the summer coming up is such good motivation to get in shape and feel confident in your favourite summery outfits. Taking care of yourself also may ensure extra energy to enjoy your favourite parts of the summer. These tips on Gaiam can help you with that. Nurture yourself just like you might nurture others. Try summery fruits like watermelon, peaches, strawberries to get you in a summery mood and keep you inspired. Start a fitness journey, who knows where you'll end up? It might transform not only your summer but your everyday life, years down the line! 

5. Make Plans - a final way to invest in yourself is to make plans with others. Summer often means gorgeous weather - take time now to think about all of the excuses you can make to enjoy it. Anything goes, anything you can do to enjoy your time with others, make memories and make the most of the warm summer months. Spending time with your loved ones is so good for your soul, making it a great way to invest in yourself, plus having your company is so good for them too.

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