Four small, yet incredible home accessories

*This is a collaborative post but photos are my own

It’s not always about the big shapes and pieces of furniture in your home. Sometimes it’s the little things, home accessories, bits and bobs here and there that tie a whole room together and make a huge statement, that come

 together as an essential part of your home decor when used effectively. Here are some great ones to invest in…

Diffusers – Interior design doesn’t necessarily have to be all about how your home looks, it can also be about creating an amazing atmosphere within your space by introducing nice aromas. Diffusers are such a great home accessory, so small and simple but make such a statement. Reed diffusers are a really stylish choice and add a level of chic to your home as well as smelling gorgeous, to impress your family and guests. You can find great reed diffusers in mini sets or individually from places like The White Company or John Lewis. 

 Patterned Display Cushions – Cushions are such a fun accessory to bring into almost any room in your home. Place one on a chair, and it instantly livens up the corner of your room. Arrange them on your sofa or bed, and it can help bring out the other design elements in the room as well. There are so many great designs and styles out there, places like House of Fraser currently have a wide variety, and with House of Fraser discount codes, you can get them for a bargain price as well. Primark also boasts a beautiful and affordable range.  

Wall Mirrors – Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s house is the fairest of them all? You can find these in almost any home or furniture store, from The Range to Ikea. Mirrors are so versatile, you can match one to almost any interior design theme you can think of. Often, this little accessory acts as the focal point of a room that makes people realise ‘oh, that’s the theme they’re going for!’. Plus, as a bonus, mirrors are so effective at opening up a room and giving the illusion that you’ve got more space than you actually have. 

Candle Holders – Aside from candles, their holders are the next best thing. They make beautiful decorative ornaments that will instantly change the mood in the room when the candle is lit, or make your little votives or candles, the ones you haven’t got around to burning yet, look beautiful. They come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and patterns, even quirky ones like bunny shaped holders! They are so useful as well as decorative.

 Fancy giving your home something of a mini renovation? Get your hands on some great home accessories, put together these small pieces will have a colossal impact around your home.


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