Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Six enchanting dresses*

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Salut Septembre! I am convinced that somewhere at the back of most peoples' minds is a kind of mental 'Pinterest' board, hoarding images of their dream wedding, perhaps of their own or for a loved one. I have never been able to resist a fairytale-like dress - the classic white wedding dress that symbolizes purity and innocence; I love how it goes back generations to when marriage was everything; how church bells are such an old sound because they have been ringing the same way for centuries. However, I also love the idea of being different and wearing a twist on the long, traditional white: maybe a pink gown or white mini dress!

Beautiful dress manufacturer recently sent me their site to review and I have been lusting after some of their gorgeous, flowy dresses. They look like they truly could have come from a fairytale world or designed by Amy Adams in the fairytale film 'Enchanted'. The best part is that they are so affordable it's hard to resist buying them and wearing them as a white lace every-day dress, especially if a wedding is not yet on your agenda! It would also be perfect for those wanting to keep to a low budget on their big day - I remember coming across The Budget Savvy Bride in a magazine and feeling so inspired by their ideas! For those who are as unpractised at dress-making as me, why not have one custom made online? I am more interested these days in ordering straight from websites like these instead of local brands as there are such great deals. The only issue I have had with it is the postal time it takes to reach us in the UK, however Prom Times guarantee a delivery time of only 6-8 days and up to 14 days to actually make the dress. They have a huge range of colours, sizes and styles and you can even have it custom made to fit your measurements.

Here are a selection of wedding dresses actually under £100 and bridesmaids under £50. I'm lusting over the Strapless Sleeveless Pink Bridesmaid dress (dress top middle) to wear; it would be perfect on a blue sky day like today and I love the idea of adding a touch of fairytale to daily life by attempting to integrate them in to my everyday wardrobe. Prom Bee also boast a beautiful selection of UK prom dresses.

I have mixed in some summery pictures taken here in France too - I am thinking of making them in to wallpapers! I promise I will have further pictures up soon, I ended up with too many again. Which dresses are your favourites?


  1. Oh my words these dresses are just stunning <3 <3 <3 I'm pretty sure all of us would dress up like brides everyday if the budget would allow haha ;)
    She Will Be

  2. Nice selection
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  3. Beautiful dresses. Love them
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    1. Hi Liza, thank you so much and I would love to! :D xx

  4. There are so many beautiful dresses featured in this post.. they remind me of summer and all the lovely things that go with that time of year :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Hi Gabrielle! Argh same, I can't believe it's nearly autumn already xD thank you! xx

  5. Such pretty dresses! I especially like that classic red one at the bottom!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Caramella! I love it too xD xx

  6. I like the dress in middle... 3 and 4! Very lovely and flattering to any body figure...

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