Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Jardins romantiques

Park pre-thunderstorm: we came across these beautiful old gardens in Beziers, complete with moss-grown statues and waterfalls and great big fish in the pools. I believe they are part of the 'Plateau des Poetes' gardens, that were originally designed to connect the station to the Allees Paul Riquet, although we wandered in straight from town. The air was still hot but there were a few fat drops of rain that fell upon our heads as we walked. I fell in love with the bizarre shaped trees, so exotic; they reminded me of the monkey puzzle trees we have over here. Oscar looked so confused as to the shape of them and admittedly, they are unlike any I have seen before! They look as though they might have belonged to a sort of dream world.

The garden is quintessentially english in design but there are so many exotic and quirky plants, it was a pleasure to walk around and explore in the time that we had. It was just the right amount of overgrown - does that make sense?! Can gardens be measured by how much they have overgrown? - and I am certain that no one can resist climbing a set of fairytale stairs. The fish looked perfectly content in their watery world!

Sadly we didn't get round to performing a circuit round the whole park but it is definitely a place I would love to visit again. I can remember last time we stayed in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, encountering a whole fairytale treehouse hidden in the woods, shrouded in ivy, complete with hand built balconies and beaded curtains. This place always surprises me because there is always something unexpected to discover!
As I first started to write this, a bug passed my shoulder looking exactly like a leaf! 


  1. Beautiful place

  2. This is such a beautiful place. I wish there is something like this near here in my place I would visit regularly. So peaceful and relaxing.

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    1. Awww thank you Venus! I wish I had one closer to home too xx

  3. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  4. Such a beautiful place !!! Love it :)

  5. Stunning photos the park looks gorgeous <3