Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Things no one tells you about being a mum

Becoming a mum is one of the best and most bizarre experiences, one that is full of surprises.Your children will surprise you every day. Not only this but you are going to be surprised by motherhood and even by your
 own actions. It is one massive learning curve, and it is the best learning curve you could ever go down. This doesn’t mean it’s not a big challenge at times, though! Here are some things that no one ever tells you...

You don’t have to be a super mum - There is no such thing as a super mum! You do not have to do everything. It's so great to enjoy the things you previously loved to do before babyhood, take some time to yourself. There is pressure within social media to keep up with opinions of things that are 'right' and 'wrong', even in society unspoken conditions exist where you must be a certain age or very maternal to have a baby, a big fan of steamed organic veg or reusable nappy enthusiast. But if you are that is awesome too! I am learning to move away from the idea of perfection and towards what works for me, discovering more and more every day.

You will never be able to do something for yourself while children are around, like ever! As soon as you tell your children that mummy needs five minutes because she needs to do something, it is like it sets off alarm signals in their head to pester you even more. Achieving anything with children around is hard work. However, it is not impossible. You just need a careful and considered approach. Let’s say you are thinking of going back to university or college to study. Instead, why not take an online course so it is more flexible? You can do any degree online today, from tourism to business and management masters online. You also need to simply manage your time effectively. This means doing the most difficult topics while your children are sleeping and looking for unique ways to study while spending time with them, for example, listening to audiobooks while they watch a DVD.

Your conversations change - Maybe before becoming a mum you could never imagine yourself talking about children all the time. However, once you have a kid, they immediately become the topic of conversation and the centre of intrigue. You find that suddenly you have this revolutionary knowledge about the strangest of things, bottle sterilising and the crawling stage! If you once had conversations about clothes, hair, and work, you will find that now they are about your child’s sleep patterns and potty training!

These are just a few surprises as part of the exciting adventure of becoming a parent - it's a real rollercoaster and teaches you more and more every day. One thing I have learnt is that whatever feelings - or lack of feelings - come in to play, to embrace them all, even the difficult things, it is okay and you are doing amazing.


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