Saturday, 29 August 2015

Enjoying a vacation with a fear of flying

Chances are that your social media news feeds and time lines have been filled with pictures of other people’s vacations. From posed beach photographs, to snaps of people lounging on oversized pool floats, all-inclusive
 cocktails and buffet spreads, tropical gardens to skyscrapers. But for many of us, getting away from home can seem pretty much impossible, as we will avoid flying at all costs. But what if you could still enjoy the same getaways as everyone else seems to be able to? Here are a few steps to try, to get to where you'd love to be!

Understanding Aviophobia - Aviophobia, otherwise referred to as aerophobia, is a widely recognised condition. It is estimated that at some point or another, 12.5% of people will experience it. Individuals suffering from aviophobia are likely to experience symptoms such as sweating, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, shaking, nausea, irritability, and dizziness when placed in a situation where they may have to board a plane, or when on a plane. A fear of flying can also be impacted by other related phobias, such as a fear of being enclosed in small spaces (claustrophobia), a fear of crowds (enochlophobia), or a fear of heights (acrophobia). 

Overcoming Aviophobia - The best way to overcome aviophobia is to seek help. Facing the problem alone may distress you further and bear a negative impact; if the experience is unpleasant, you are more likely to avoid it next time around, which in turn increases fear. Instead, by seeking help, you will come into contact with a specialist who will be able to help and support you as an individual. Courses of treatment are likely to involve CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), which will teach you coping mechanisms and anxiety management techniques in order to gain confidence in yourself and confront your fears within a trusted environment.

Comforting Facts - As well as seeking professional help for aviophobia, you can attempt to challenge runaway fear ahead of any flight with some comforting facts. Here are just a few... flying is one of the safest modes of mass transportation. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than to die in a plane crash. Commercial planes can continue their journey safely with just one engine. Commercial planes don’t require any functioning engines to land safely. While turbulence is a nuisance, it isn’t necessarily dangerous. It is an evolutionary mechanism to be scared of heights.

Alternative Modes of Transport - If you are reluctant to receive medical help for your aviophobia, or just aren't ready to take the ultimate challenge just yet, bear in mind that flying isn’t the only means of getting from A to B. Here are just a few alternative modes of transport that could provide you with the getaway of a lifetime.

A Cruise - Cruises are becoming an increasingly popular option for holiday goers a perfect option for those who prefer not to fly. Cruises from Southampton can take you to a huge variety of destinations, including Barcelona, the Norwegian Fjords,Venice, Scandinavia, Russia, Civitavecchia, France, and Guernsey. What’s more? The journey becomes just as integral a part of your vacation as the destination does. You can enjoy a whole host of entertainment, fine dining, and other great experiences on board. 

A Road Trip - There is nothing like the feeling of freedom when setting off on a road trip, another form of getaway where the journey becomes just as important as the destination. When you plan a road trip, you choose a route from one destination to another, and pass through all sorts of beautiful landscapes and stop offs en route. All you need is a reliable vehicle and travel companion to share driving responsibilities with.

Ferries - Ferries can transport you from one location to another one relatively nearby across the sea. Perhaps the most common ferry routes go between UK islands (such as the mainland UK and the Isle of Wight, Jersey, or Guernsey) or from mainland UK to Ireland or France. Sure, aviophobia can feel limiting at times, especially when you’re trying to plan a vacation where you can experience new places away from home. But hopefully this has helped you to see that there are plenty of different options out there for you. Whether this involves overcoming your phobia, or working around it! So, start planning your next getaway sooner rather than later!

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