Friday, 21 August 2015

Elven pleasures

A little garden feature! - What is most correct here - 'elven' or 'elvish'? The past few weeks have been so grey that it is almost a different time of year from earlier this summer! The tips of the hills are almost completely shrouded in mist. On warmer days, the garden is the perfect place for elves and fairies alike, to frolic amongst the tall grasses and frequent the fox glove groves. I like to fancy they would find little homes in the base of tree trunks, 'tween the rolls of bark. Maybe they take safety under cold canopies of leaves when it rains, and dance to orchestras of woodwind instruments once it is fair again.
Near the top of the garden are pine forests and if you wander through them long enough, you will come to an old stone wall, then a road. It seems magical somehow to have the garden world, completely steeped in time, only separated from the modern world by a stone wall. I always imagined that lions lived up there, in the forests, when I was small. Maybe 'twas a combination of reading 'Little House in the Big Woods', where bears and 'panthers' were commonplace - or being specially scared by Teletubbies' 'Lion and the Bear' screen time feature! But there are definitely still places in the woods that I will ne'er venture alone!
They belong solely to badgers, foxes, deer and maybe elves. For luck of this post I was fortunate to find a lone mushroom alone in the grass - like an elven umbrella, it seemed to have sprung up overnight - and not another one for miles around! There is much to do for the August garden and everything grows so quickly; the ticks and harvest mites love it and gloves are now required for redcurrant and blackcurrant picking."The sun came out on us, the shade blotches went hazel: we heard names bubble like stock-doves over the woods" - Helen Dunmore 'Wild Strawberries'


  1. I really like your place. Would love to see and enjoy those beauty everyday. :)

    By the way, I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

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    1. Hi Venus - ahh thank you so much!! Thank you for your follow on instagram also, I love following you too! :D xx

  2. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! <3
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