Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New sticky notes

It's been such a long time but I've returned to my blog! So much has happened since I began my blog as a way of getting out in to the world (even from behind a screen xD) and it did help me regain much of my confidence, I love how blogging encourages you to get out, take interesting pictures and talk to people. Anything can happen when you're on a day out! A conversation with an elderly lady waiting for the bus, a smile from a baby, finding the sweetest pug dog out walking its owner, stumbling across another footpath you've never walked before. 

I'm actually sat here now with my own wriggling baby on my knee, and while there's more of that to come, I will leave you with some stationary finds of mine recently! Aaah I can never find Molang and Oyasumi Bakura products anywhere, yet they are two of the cutest characters! I managed to find these sticky notes and bobs from an ebay seller and the Molang notes were the very last in stock, but I am happy to see Molang things now available to UK buyers and that she is gaining popularity around the world. 
Can't wait to add these babies to my collection, they make me so excited to journal ♡


  1. These are all way too cute! X

  2. These are all way too cute! X