Friday, 31 July 2015

Five dreamy soundtracks

Whilst I am blogging, journalling or noting, I love to have music on in the background. I try to choose classical most of the time, because it is most calming for when Oscar is afternoon-napping! We listen to an array of genres but some of my favourite pieces are from film soundtracks

1. Snow White, 2001 movie (Michael Convertino) - The movie I remember most from my childhood and this particular piece makes me both happy and sad at the same time. I love the other soundtracks from the film but alas, cannot find them upon the internet! I love the finale, when the film is resolved and they are riding off in to the sunset.
Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Vegetable Garden

Growing currently are runner beans - and kiftsgate roses curling and sprawling delightfully over the rooftops and the old stone privvy! Everything has been late to start but now things are growing so fast, we must trim the strands and leaves back to afford passage in to the garden! Can you see those baby shoots quickly growing in strength? They will hopefully be on our table as purple-sprouting brocolli and kale come next April. It is amazing that they will keep growing and thriving through the freezing temperatures of the winter, completely unspoiled. That is if the deer are kept at bay!
Monday, 27 July 2015

Whimsical things

1. I love enjoying the occasional sunny spells outside, relaxing and dispelling anxiety. Bow bag is from Accessorize, the perfect size for my ipad mini and some other bobs and I love taking it everywhere I go!
Saturday, 25 July 2015

Rose quartz

I am often most in to crystal collecting for the simple joy of having pretty stones to look at every now and then! It's so interesting that something so beautiful and intricate grew naturally. Rose Quartz is believed to be most in tune with the heart chakra, inspiring self love, forgiveness and loving others. I love how it symbolises self love and acceptance; in an crazy era where we are given such creative freedom online, with photo apps built to polish over imperfections, it's easy to feel inadequate and overshadowed in so many areas. 
Thursday, 23 July 2015

Roses and apples

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Oscar is ten weeks

Oscar was 10 weeks on Sunday and the weeks seem to be flying by faster now! It seems like yesterday that there was 8 weeks to go until his 12 week mark. I love this stage he's at - it seems like every day there's something new he has to show us or something he's improved upon. From sleeping for up to six hours in one go at night (sometimes!) to looking at us all the time, to talking to his toys and giving us the biggest smiles and giggles! It's really thrilling and interesting to see him developing everyday and bizarre to think he was only a tiny newborn 10 weeks ago, he has grown so much.
Monday, 20 July 2015

Pleasant walk

Old, overgrown places like this are fascinating, especially as the roses are still blooming. There's a beautiful contrast between the youth and beauty of the rose and the age of the stonework. I can never resist a rose garden either - check out my PreRaphaelites and Flowers pinterest board for further inspiration of old things, flowy dresses and flower fields!
Sunday, 19 July 2015

Five ways to give back to the environment

. Grow your own produce - it can be so much fun, feel so satisfying living in a self sufficient way and we produce much less waste via packaging. It's also a cheap and easy way to get your hands on organic
Friday, 17 July 2015

Gold accents and Lavender

Thursday journals

August is my favourite month - not only because it is my birthday month, but is summer holiday season and I love when the summer starts to grow old and become autumnal. It also means lots of family time as we are spending a week down the country with one set of Oscar's grandparents, and then spending a week in the South of France with his other side of the family!

1. I am turning 20 - Hehe I've stopped actually believing the age I am because I still don't feel like I've graduated from being 17! I do feel young to be a mother, but also wouldn't let it hold me back career-wise and I have lots of ambition. I have always wanted to have a family young, mainly because family has always been most important to me! It's wonderful to be surrounded and share life with the people who love you.

2. Regents Park, London - Aaah one of my favourite places, even if I don't live remotely anywhere near London! It feels magical here to me: I especially adore the Avenue Gardens and the Queen Mary's Rose Garden, oh and those gorgeous Victorian gates... it truly is a place where time stands still. I spent the whole day here for my 18th birthday - meant so much more to me than going drinking - and got as excited as a squirrel, turning round corners to discover hidden fountains... aaah it's bliss.

3. Week in West Midlands - I love travelling to the West Midlands, not only because it's so different to my place in the country (hello sheep), but because it means so much to me seeing the places where Mitch grew up and half of where Oscar is from! There is also such a historical industrial vibe and things like accents, shops and adverts are so different - did I mention they have warmer weather?

4. Week in South of France - Oscar's first time abroad! Eeeee so excited to visit this wonderful, warm place. I love the amazing scenery and rustic vibe - last time I found the coolest treehouse overcome with ivy and beaded curtains, it was magical!

5. Prospect of Autumn - Oscar's first everything makes me excited and I can't wait to snuggle indoors with him as the weather gets colder. I wonder what he'll make of playing in the leaves - I want to dress him up in his bear suit! 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New sticky notes

It's been such a long time but I've returned to my blog! So much has happened since I began my blog as a way of getting out in to the world (even from behind a screen xD) and it did help me regain much of my confidence, I love how blogging encourages you to get out, take interesting pictures and talk to people. Anything can happen when you're on a day out! A conversation with an elderly lady waiting for the bus, a smile from a baby, finding the sweetest pug dog out walking its owner, stumbling across another footpath you've never walked before. 

I'm actually sat here now with my own wriggling baby on my knee, and while there's more of that to come, I will leave you with some stationary finds of mine recently! Aaah I can never find Molang and Oyasumi Bakura products anywhere, yet they are two of the cutest characters! I managed to find these sticky notes and bobs from an ebay seller and the Molang notes were the very last in stock, but I am happy to see Molang things now available to UK buyers and that she is gaining popularity around the world. 
Can't wait to add these babies to my collection, they make me so excited to journal ♡