Saturday, 11 May 2013

Flyaway hair

My day today was spent tying my hair in to knots, quite literally. I decided to try my hand at hair braiding; I'd like a neat way to keep hair off my face at college - and I love these Victorian/Edwardian styles! It puzzles me how they used to do their hair so intricately in those times, without hairspray or bobbles, just ribbon and pins! 
After several dismal attempts I finally managed to do half a decent braid... I'll keep practicing a bit each day - I'll promise you some picture tutorials!

 For thick hair, mid-back length:    1. Part hair in a Y part  2. Braid back section and wrap in a bun impossibly low on the nape of the neck.  Pin.  3. French roll the side hair and twist until it folds back on itself.  4. Pin this over the top of the bun, hiding the straggly hair ends  5. repeat for other side and lay the twist over the top of the first twist and pin.
Admittedly, this is much harder than it looks - 
I may need a great deal more hair pins before I manage to get the hang of it. Extensions might also be a good idea if you hair is thin at the ends like mine, you can shop quality women hair wigs at NewhairBuy

Cho would like her hair doing too svp!


  1. That looks really hard but so pretty! Looking forward to the tutorial. :)

    xx MJ

  2. Keep trying! ^^
    Yeah, their hair back then was totally gorgeous and always so neat and beautiful!
    Don't forget to tell me the secret if you ever find it! ^^

  3. The hair is beautiful,but it is hard for me to braid:)

  4. great post thanks for shaing x

  5. Beautiful hair! My hair used to be long, but I cut it......... :)

    1. Thankyou! Haha oh same, I get bored xD ♥

  6. Wow, the pin in the top picture is incredible! Where did you find it?