Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Here I decided to have a go at MoneySupermarket's 'Passion for Fashion' competition and see what I could come up with! The idea is to create three themed outfits - 'Casual', 'Holiday' and 'Party' - all within the £200 mark. I headed straight for New Look first because their clothes are super affordable - they always have offers on - and worked really well with my ideas! I will link back to each item after I publish so you can view the clothes on the site :) As it turns out I love bohemian fashion. A lot!

Casual Look - 'Variety is the spice of life' = £98.44
This is me finding an outfit I would wear casually, probably in the summer. I love the earthy colours and layers, and adding a dash of bright coral really livens it up. I also love how it looks casual and 'thrown on', the faded denim giving a vintage touch. The patterns on the top are gorgeous and bring some Eastern flair, likewise with the jewellery. Friendship and charm bracelets are also really fun to make so I might save a penny and create my own! 
Holiday look - 'Golden Sands' = £128.96
Here I've gone all romantic with the flowy dress and cowboy boots. I mentally called this look 'Golden Sands' because it would be perfect for strolling along the beach in the evening :) The colours in the outfit mimic the sea and white sand so it would harmonise with my surroundings if I were on holiday. The gold jewellery illuminates the outfit and the Buddha faces add bohemian spice. The lattice bag is a cute vintage touch!
Party look - 'Daisy daisy' = £102.94
I've kept it quite formal/sophisticated with monochrome colours, but there's still an element of fun with the playsuit, which is a creative alternative to a dress. The flower earrings are really cute, the pastel pink turning it a little parisian chic. And the floral cardi makes for a sweet vintage twist, recollecting 60's style!
This was so much fun to create in my lazy Tuesday afternoon!