Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Someone lend me a pen... ♥

Now. I'm so excited about this find! 

"I do not want to be good at drawing. I think I just wanted to create a ‘new wave’ that did not exist previously"

 says amazing Korean artist Hajin Bae (aka soulist-aurora) And a felt tip has never been used so beautifully...

Beautiful colours. It's fragile and abstract, yet perfect. Proof you don't need all this shade and tone to 'tell the whole story'. You can convey it with little things, a strand of hair depicting the shoulders. Like in a poem when you convey the story with little moments and thoughts and feelings.

Different textures are used to depict different materials. 
Some pieces are quite collage-like and I love this!
 It's like something out of Teesha Moore's scrapbook.
I love how he carefully adorns the head with every hair so it tangles in Gordian knots.
 Definitely worth pinning on my inspiration board!


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  2. Great post!

  3. These are gorgeous.
    Great find!
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    Ooooh and I love your stardoll - you like Karen Gillan and Doctor Who as well?! you're awesome!

    xx Elle

  4. this is such a stunning arrangement of photos :)

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  7. These are absolutely beautiful, I love how many varied posts your blog has.
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  8. These are sooooo lovely. I love fashion illustration so much!
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  9. Flawless things and sounds sooo great. I couldn't want anything more than to attempt them.