Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year update! ♥

Dear readers, I would love to start by slathering all over this very lovely ice cream here.

But I first have to apologize for missing out a whole month in my archive! I've been rather stuck with the winter blues this Xmas, what with starting a new medication, having to have a blood test and coming down with an awful flu bug -.- But I've also been coming up with my entry for a yearly writing comp that runs in my area. The closing date is tomorrow and I'm really excited about it! Last year I was lucky enough to come second in the whole of my county so I'm excited to see if I can do as well - or better - in 2013!
That was my first resolution of the year.
Next to pick up my lovely blog where I left off as I didn't want to abandon it. I decided to give it an update for the new year - so welcome to '"Ice cream" whispers Clara.' It's a bit of a strange name, having been plucked out of my favourite Helen Dunmore story, but in my buzz for creative writing I wanted something different. 'Ice Cream' btw is a lovely short story by Dunmore with such beautiful imagery!

 ‘Then there is a breath of wood-strawberries, a burnt aroma of coffee, the silk-sweet innocence of vanilla, the spice of ginger, the ice-green tang of lime. The waiter lowers his platter to the table and places it before Clara ...’
Read an extract here

Have also fallen in love with Lee Stafford's hair growth treatment range and have been very much impressed with the amount of hair growth since I started the tub in November! Would love to do a full review and 6 months 'before and after' to measure up.
There is also a new series of Miranda *cheer* that shows on BBC1 every week or so. I feel cheered up already :)

Happy 2013 resolutions:

. Give more to help people
. Grow my hair more
. Watch more Miranda to combat tiredness from revision
. Score a good placing in my writing comp
. Post more ice creamy pictures...

Haha! What are yours? :D

*Picture credit WeHearIt