Friday, 23 November 2012

Lush Christmas Haul & Review! ♥

The Lush Christmas Collection is here, bringing forth an amazing selection of bath bombs, bubble bars and all sorts for celebrating the season in your bathroom this year! As always, Lush orders are delivered super fast, they definitely make great gifts for all ages and there's such a big colourful assortment. I'm so happy to do a review as I feel like I haven't done one in ages! Firstly, apologies for keeping the wrappers on - I may give one to my sister for Xmas so I wanted them to stay fresh - but anyhow I picked out a few lovely bombs from the Limited Edition range and here is my verdict so far...

Father Christmas bath bomb - 

First off, it's flipping huge - will be larger than you expect, thus lasting longer if you split it :) Has a lovely 
Christmassy smell; I'd also describe it as quite mystical aswell. Exotic, a bit like incense. (if you've ever bought Wild Berry incense the smell is very similar to 'Dragon's Blood'). Brilliant!

 Cinders Bath Bomb - 

I love this little bomb! Although smaller than Father Christmas, which reflects the slightly cheaper price, it smells absolutely amazing! Very rich and spicy - and that's just smelling it through the packet - it was love at first scent for me! I read on the website it was very cinnamony and I guess that's what made me buy two. I absolutely love Cinnamon scents - especially around Xmas - and this didn't fail to disappoint. Apparently it also has popping candy inside? Perfect Christmas bomb for me! ♥

Free Sample included - Miranda Soap -

Receiving this made me really excited as I've never got any free samples with Lush previously. Also made me  laugh a bit as I've been glued to watching episodes of 'Miranda' lately - a hilarious sitcom on the BBC written by and featuring the amazing Miranda Hart! It's definitely worth a watch! Aanyway, it's ingredients include fresh kiwi fruits, with exotic fruit and flower essential oils which sound really nice and erm... fruity! ^^ Personally, I'm not a fan of soap in bar form  - dries my hands out a lot - but I'm more than happy to give this a try, especially as it sounds quite moisturizing. 

Saving the best 'til last - Bubblegum Lip Scrub - 

Has to be my favourite Lush product of all time! Though it's not from the Christmas collection, I can never place an order without throwing it in at the last minute. Aswell as tasting amazing - I love the fact that it's edible - it grants you super soft lips and is very addictive ^^ The only drawback is that at just over 5 quid, it's a bit steep for only a little pot, but I find it's definitely worth it! If you buy this you won't be disappointed :)

Will you be celebrating Christmas in your bath this year? Check out this if you're in the UK or find the site according to your country :) ♥


  1. I'm in love with Lush and Miranda too x

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  3. How much I love all the types of bath bombs, I can’t even describe! Can only say that on each holiday my girlfriend and I have our private time with bath bombs! On the one hand it always intense and on the other is very relaxing. I think I’ll acquire one of those, but can’t really decide should it be a Father bomb or Cinders.
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