Thursday, 8 November 2012

Kitty pics and November faves ♥

Here are the kitty pictures I promised you! Aww :3 I got the perfect opportunity to take these today as I only had to lift up the cover of the basket to get a few great shots. So pleased! Glad to not have disturbed them too much either :) They're about a week old today...

Heheh the black and white kitty gets a face full of fur! xD

November faves - Maybelline's Baby Lips 
I'm summing up my November faves in to one lipbalm because this one is a lifesaver! If you get chapped lips like me it's ideal! Couldn't find any in the Maybelline sections of my local stores so got this for about 4 quid on ebay :) Super moisturizing and smells so orangey, they come in lots of different flavours and colours ^^ Definitely recommended for the months ahead, I shall be stocking up! ♥


  1. Adorable kittens!

  2. ohhh!! what a cute kittens. i loved it. Hi My name is Bryan and I am working as essayist in my blog. I have a pussy named Ginny and she is my wife's fav.