Saturday, 24 November 2012

Kitten Update!

I felt it was time for a kitten update so here are some pics of Neffi's kittens, now at just over 3 weeks old! They've grown so much over the past few weeks and are such big kitties, probably as there are only 3 in the litter now - plus they're all boys! 
I also found that kittens are the hardest thing to photograph as they just won't stay still! It took me ages to get pics that weren't somewhat blurry but I managed to get a few nice shots ^^ They have big button blue eyes already, just like their mum!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Lush Christmas Haul & Review! ♥

The Lush Christmas Collection is here, bringing forth an amazing selection of bath bombs, bubble bars and all sorts for celebrating the season in your bathroom this year! As always, Lush orders are delivered super fast, they definitely make great gifts for all ages and there's such a big colourful assortment. I'm so happy to do a review as I feel like I haven't done one in ages! Firstly, apologies for keeping the wrappers on - I may give one to my sister for Xmas so I wanted them to stay fresh - but anyhow I picked out a few lovely bombs from the Limited Edition range and here is my verdict so far...

Dealing with Anxiety ♥

Happy Friday everyone!
I apologise for not posting in a while; I've been going through a difficult patch with my anxieties and have recently started a new type of medication. I've never really spoken out about my problems online but want to help raise awareness.
Recently it's been growing ever more difficult for me to attend college and study for my January exams, so I've decided to re-sit Year 13 next year. It's a difficult decision but will enable me to try and face my fears at my own pace, without getting overly stressed about exams. I'm also trying to find a medication that will help me with this process, as at the moment I'm finding it near impossible to challenge myself at all.

My fears will probably seem very silly to a lot of people, such is anxiety. It's usually irrational and often people don't understand why I feel scared, because there's actually nothing there to be scared about. To me, though, it feels very real and life is very hard to handle a lot of the time.
Depression and anxiety typically run in my family; my grandma and my mum have bad depression and my uncle suffers from bipolar. My main fears are being away from home, people going missing, and generally being convinced that something bad will happen. I also feel physically unwell with it sometimes, a common symptom of depression. In the past I've experienced disorders such as OCD, Social Anxiety and Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Despite this, most often I have a positive outlook for the future. Although my fears seem very real and that any moment something awful could happen, I'm believing more and more that I can cope. I have a list of things I'd love to do in the future and am trying to view it in a more positive light, rather than heading in to the unknown. I'd love to go to Uni after Year 13! I found talking to people helped me a lot, especially receiving support on the Childline message boards from people suffering from the same thing. I do believe it can be overcome! :)
I'm postponing my art for a while until I feel a little better but will keep posting! Thanks so much for reading! :D x

*Picture credit WeHeartIt
Friday, 9 November 2012

This week's inspiration... ♥

Happy Friday all! Hope you're excited for the weekend! ♥
This post follows my new love of shabby chic style (Laurence Amelie) and how it touches on 18th century elegance. I love these photos as you can almost imagine them as paintings in their own right. The outfits and furniture are so elegant and beautiful and I'm taking notes on details like chandeliers, hanging ornaments and damask prints :)
To follow, I've also included some of my favourite picks from beautiful vintage decor store  Sass & Belle. I can feel a new (possibly interior) project coming on and maybe a 'Marie Antoinette' themed suite room? Would love to do a room tour and maybe a virtual one after! ♥

Sass & Belle

What do you think? Got any craft ideas lined up this weekend? ^^ ♥ 
*Picture credit: photography by Lauren Luca

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Kitty pics and November faves ♥

Here are the kitty pictures I promised you! Aww :3 I got the perfect opportunity to take these today as I only had to lift up the cover of the basket to get a few great shots. So pleased! Glad to not have disturbed them too much either :) They're about a week old today...

Heheh the black and white kitty gets a face full of fur! xD

November faves - Maybelline's Baby Lips 
I'm summing up my November faves in to one lipbalm because this one is a lifesaver! If you get chapped lips like me it's ideal! Couldn't find any in the Maybelline sections of my local stores so got this for about 4 quid on ebay :) Super moisturizing and smells so orangey, they come in lots of different flavours and colours ^^ Definitely recommended for the months ahead, I shall be stocking up! ♥

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Kitten Report ♥

On the 1st November, quite late in the evening, my little siamese Neffi decided to give birth to five little mewy things: 2 black and 3 white! Sadly two of the smallest kittens were too weak to feed and after much attempt from Neffi to encourage them to suckle, they didn't make it through the night. 
Happily she still has three healthy (fluffy) kittens - all boys! - who, after six days now, are doing fine! I didn't want to disturb the nest too much so pictures may follow in a few days. But here is the kitten report from this morning...  

(video taken by small compact camera; sorry the room's a bit dark lol ^^)

The father of the kits is a black and white tom from around the area so it's interesting to see if they'll have any Siamese in them :) 
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