Friday, 5 October 2012

Victorian Diary Project ♥

 Ever since I was younger I wished I was born in a different time or wished I had my own tardis to travel back a few hundred years :') Although life today is much easier than it might've been then, there's something special about the past lives of our ancestors and what sort of world they might have lived in. 
I live in a very old farmhouse with a colourful history - it's been a farm, a pub and a shop throughout the past few hundred years. It's so cool thinking about what people's lives must have been like living inside the same house. I think it's nice to imagine it's haunted if you believe in ghosts :) 

There is also something almost magical thinking back to Victorian England - and all the years before that! When I was eleven I kept a Victorian Diary - inspired by Jacqueline Wilson's 'The Lottie Project', I invented a character who lived 100+ years ago in Victorian England. I filled each log in every day and gave her a big country house with servants, a swing in the garden, nice dresses and a siamese cat. Although it's nice to embrace modern trends, I like to keep a little piece of the past with me. Maybe in the future people will be imagining what our lives were like with IPhones, Laptops and Oreo biscuits! ^-^

*Picture credit WeHeartIt


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  3. I have an obsession with the past, especially Victorians! Our history teacher made us re-enact battle techniques of world war 1 by forming two trenches and throwing paper 'bullets' at each other!
    This is my blogspot account from 4 years ago by the way D: I really don't like it, haha.

  4. lovely dress woow :)) you have a cute blog!
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  5. Sometimes I dream of myself in different time periods as well, could be into the future or in the past. Pretty funny how our imagination works :)
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  6. It's a really nice idea <3
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