Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Essie - 'Smooth Sailing' ♥

My first Essie polish! I've been wanting to try these for a while now as they're much reviewed and appreciated by many blogs out there. I have to admit that I originally avoided Essies as I didn't like the packaging - it kinda reminded me of the plastic polishes you get with little kids magazines lol - but 'never judge a polish by it's packaging' is a lesson I've learnt since purchasing. I was ideally hoping to get a more autumnal colour fit for Halloween... so I selected 'Smooth Sailing' - a sort of dusky violet blue ^^ It reminds me of the evening skies at seven, as they gradually start to close in for winter. 
I was really impressed with the quality! - it gives great coverage (two coats are best but it still covers great with one), really quick drying time, hasn't chipped and has tiny flecks of gold glitter which are really pretty :3 It's a 5/5 from me and I can't wait to try some other shades :') Plus I really like the packaging now... I'm so glad I put my past beliefs behind me! xD x


  1. cute colour! essie polishes are amazing!

    1. Heheh really amazing! Thanks for your comment! :D ♥

  2. wow, love this color, want this nail polish too :)) <3

  3. Really nice nail polish~~
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