Thursday, 27 September 2012

Autumn Favourites ♥

Already the mornings are getting darker and the evenings are closing in on us. Though the weather may not be so cheerful - and getting up at half six in the morning is a struggle enough! - there is a certain sense of excitement in the air that makes me feel like being a little kid again. For me, Autumn is also about reflection - a reflection both on the year that is ending soon and on the beauty of impermanence. It's the fact that everything has an ending that makes it special - that's why we make the most of the summer months when they're around. I think Autumn is the most beautiful season. The leaves are copper and starting to litter around the pavements, there are conkers on the ground, the air smells smoky sweet and Halloween approaches through the dark mornings and evenings. Excitement is in the air! x

I just love having scented candles as the weather turns colder. As well as smelling yummy, they make the room feel cosy and warm, and remind me of Halloween :) Perfect for when you're curled up reading a ghost story ^^

 The darker mornings can be a struggle, especially if you have to fight out of bed at half six like me :') Tip: have a yummy breakfast! Make yourself a hot cocoa with marshmallows to start your morning and pancakes are easy to make and yummy with melting cheese (savoury) or chocolate sauce (sweet)- I add fruit for a healthier option! Have something hot and delicious that's worth getting up for in the morning! ♥

*Picture credit WeHeartIt


  1. Lovely post! I adore Autumn and Winter :)

  2. Great autumn post, crazing hot chocolate now !

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  4. Thanks for coming by my blog.This gets me excited for Autumn love it xx

  5. Thanks for your comment! I'm your newest follower girl!

    With love, M

  6. Those Crepes look AMAZING!!!!