about me

 '"Ice Cream", whispers Clara, and her voice cracks' ~ Helen Dunmore 

Just a tired, ill girl taking it slow. I'm Elizabeth, but call me Liz if you like! I was born and grew up in the Lake District, a girl with good brows and synesthesia trying to make the best of life through M.E/Chronic Fatigue, with feeling very ill and mental fatigue. I learn through blogging, Buddhism, being creative and mori style, and try to save pockets of energy to commune with nature, collect and be old fashioned. I'm inspired by nature, ghosts, dusty places, Grimm's fairytales, the Pre Raphaelites and romanticism. I love creating beautiful spaces, 19th century flair, shabby chic vibes and basically anything cute or romantic. I harbor a childlike fascination as to how people did things a hundred years ago 

A Little House in The Lakes
At age 19 I grabbed life with both hands and made the craziest decision, to have a baby. Come May 2015, we welcomed little baby Oscar in to the world, two weeks early! The experience was so surreal and fascinating, there is nothing more heartwarming than playing with this little sugarplum and enjoying his company - seeing all his smiles and giggles! In February 2015, we moved in to our tiny rose garden flat. I developed M.E months after the birth in July 2015. In August 2017, we bought our first home, with woods, fields and a beck outside.

 '"Ice Cream" whispers Clara' -
Is a vintage flair loving lifestyle blog, rebooted in July 2015 after the birth of our first child. It is a place for everything romantic, chic and beautiful, with beauty reviews, pretty dresses, old fashioned gardens and adventures with our baby. The funny name is inspired by my love of Helen Dunmore's short story 'Ice Cream' and her writing as a whole. Fancy collaborating, enquiring, button swap or saying hi?

Contact me at icecreamclarablog@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting!