30 Apr 2018

How I use crystals in my every day routine

Alongside my dancing sloth notebook yasss I keep a collection of crystals tucked inside my bag, when I am not festooning our home, every room, or lining my pockets with them. Sometimes they are just pretty stones
and sometimes they offer a little something more for me. I think at the very least the pleasant feelings I get from admiring these beauties make them worth having them around, they contribute something positive to every single day. Here's how I use my crystals every day and how they aid my morning routine!

I usually find my crystals in tumbled form at market stalls. I really love to choose them in person to see which stones I am drawn to, which ones reach or 'jump' out to me haha, but this is not essential. I often use the web to look for crystals too, there are many stones I have only been able to locate online like Selenite and Larimar.
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
Sometimes I like to imagine they have little personalities of their own in a sense. Even in jewellery form and no matter the size of the piece, crystals still retain their energies and powers. They make such beautiful jewellery. There's a certain beautiful amethyst bracelet online that is currently on my wishlist and I'm certain I'll never find anything like these gorgeous druzy stone rings, I found via twitter, at my local Saturday market.

Tip: if buying online watch out for heated, colour changed amethyst posing as citrine, mimicking the golden hues. I made that mistake before reading up on this. Real citrine has more of a smoky often diluted yellow appearance rather than bright orange and tends to appear in wands rather than diamond cluster shapes.
 6am... Oscar comes in and begins pottering around with his toys and ornaments he finds around my room. When I do wake up, there's a huge outbreak of cars all over the room. I roll over and face plant a candle. I have to be so careful to keep my crystals up and away from Oscar, or where he can't knock them off.
He plays for an hour or two before I am forced from slumber when he starts bouncing on the bed, pulling my rabbit lights, books fly in my face and he takes his soaked nappy off and dutifully drops it on my quilt.
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
Sometimes I know which stones to keep in my room by their colours. I am attracted to soft and delicate hues and find myself choosing them over and over... Citrine too, maybe because I associate it with toffees haha.
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
The partially transparent stones are so beautiful too. Crystals with soothing, calming properties often come in pastel hues like Rose Quartz, Mangano Calcite, Blue Lace Agate, Selenite, Opal and Amethyst...
I keep a little 'sleep shrine' mug of these as near as I can to my bed whilst evading the reach of little hands to aid sleep and provide a safe place for relaxation. I also keep shells in there from far off lands, my moonstone ring, the mother stone, meant to sooth and enhance inner strength as well as items that symbolise sleep for me.

It's a little pot of intention haha and keeping one is a really great way to get close to your crystals without really doing anything! Simply take care to keep them out of reach of babies and young children. 
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
9am... we spend some time playing and gathering things, feeding the gerbils, trying to wake up, watching some Hey Duggee in my room and showering Oscar down if I'm up to it before going sliding all the way downstairs. 

After I have seen to Oscar with numerous drinks being made, clothes and socks found, I start by doing small things to test my energy as I build up to the bigger chores of the day. I light some candles on a rainy or cloudy day or open the windows if it's warm outside, and begin adulting by putting a wash on.
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
Writing my to do list for the day is a lovely activity, it makes me feel super productive. I also love to check my emails at this moment. I scribble away and reply to things for a while until a little person starts to complain...
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
10am... I make some breakfast for both of us and set up for the day with a stripey straw in my orange juice. Oscar has one to slurp his cereal and milk, or he'll have rice pudding with his Peter Rabbit spoon.

 I keep a dish of Carnelian, Citrine, Turquoise and Celestite on the shelf above us in the busiest corner of our living room. These are my 'go getter' stones. I choose Carnelian for creativity and energy, Citrine for fortune, confidence and to live in the present, Turquoise to heal old beliefs and negative patterns and some grounding stones like Celestite to relieve stress and encourage mindfulness. I love the balance of them together. 
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
12.30pm I pop back upstairs for a little sacred pocket of me time to put my makeup on, close my eyes for a few minutes and manage to dress for the day. I open the curtains and pack my bag. Small polished crystals are the perfect size to keep in my purse, smallest bag or even pocket in my clothing. They say that losing a crystal is significant, it means you have moved on from that stage and aren't benefiting as much from it anymore.
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
If I am feeling uninspired I take a piece of quartz with me if I go out. Quartz is a power stone, meant to energise and heighten feelings about the world around you, helping you to connect to and interpret your surroundings on a different level. It can enhance your senses, helping you to pick up anything in the background that you might not have usually and you can find yourself somehow soaking things in you might not have noticed before. I also take Amethyst for creativity and to help cement those feelings in to words.
Shabby chic blog morning routine, how to use crystals
It's not so good to take on those days where you feel emotionally tired or drained, it might make things worse when you need to shut the world out and take some time for yourself. You might find yourself feeling burdened and overwhelmed. Credit to this Free People blog article and Gala Darling for help with this post and figuring out the pretty stones that live around my house haha! Do you keep hoard crystals? 


  1. Oh wow everything is so beautiful!

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

  2. I do love crystals. I think they are so beautiful!


  3. I have always had a small collection of gemstones as my dad is a Geography teacher and liked to gift me them in the hope I'd become interested. I did, but only to the point of finding them beautiful. I didn't really know that they could help encourage different energies, it's so interesting to read about all this! And your photos are stunning too.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  4. Yes! I love crystals so much and keep them pretty much everywhere. In my wallet, my office, bedroom, and everywhere in between. Actually, I have a beautiful piece of aura quartz next to me right now that I have just been loving lately. I'd love to see you post about crystals more in the future :)

  5. Crystals are very powerful. Lovely post. xoxo Cris

  6. Amazing post!!


  7. This is fascinating! I am not into gemstones and the energy they give, I don't think I am receptive to that, but it was great to hear about the stones you have around the house and what properties they have for you. It felt super relaxing to read for some reason! Thank you for sharing Elizabeth!

    Julia x

  8. Thanks for the insight, I love crystals too :)

    - Lily Kanaya
    www.Glowlicious.Me | @GlowliciousMe

  9. Lovely to read about your crystals and routine. :) I wear a rose quartz pendant and also have amethyst, cat's eye and a couple of other crystals.



  10. I have a little pouch that I keep in my bag for when I need it.
    I also have a few amethyst necklaces as it's the stone I reach for most.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/