18 Jan 2018

I took my baby to Barbados, part one

Barbados Caribbean photo diary travel blog
In December I took our two year old baby across the entire North Atlantic to experience his very first slice of island life. We left behind a winter wonderland cold, grey world and landed twelve hours later, sleep-sodden

13 Jan 2018

Creating a summer home hideaway in winter*

Wax Lyrical spring Meadow fragrance review
I'm a summer/spring girl. Every time January comes around, my mind fast forwards to summer. In my heart I'm spending my days somewhere between the flower scented realms of a Tennyson poem and perched on a

8 Jan 2018

The best kept secret of header & logo design*

Last month - it feels so strange saying last year! - I embarked on a mini design project and created my own professional logo with Logojoy. I first came across them as I was looking for something glamorous, subtle and

3 Jan 2018

Winter sales wish list

Winter sales blog wishlist
The weather is 'wehhh' outside, without use of a better word, so I thought I would carry on last year's tradition and compose a list of the prettiest things I found in the sales to cheer me up. I decided to include my
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