25 Apr 2018

Modern white swan inspired outfit ft Boohoo*

Vintage mori girl fashion outfit ideas
Inspired by the swans that haunt the river in my town I decided to attempt an Odette or white swan inspired outfit, using this beautiful flowing skater dress by Boohoo. During the days of taking of these photos the

22 Apr 2018

A teeny, tiny kawaii haul

Kawaii blog stationary haul
I really like the idea of living minimally and having only a few possessions but sadly that doesn't seem to be happening for me any time soon haha. I also seem to like collecting and hoarding and spending any money I

16 Apr 2018

A little tour around my town in spring

Lake District Kendal Cumbria
I wanted to make a little 'swanstagram' swan appreciation post... then decided to add in a few snaps I took around town on the same day. I am the nosiest person when it comes to seeing where people live haha, I am

10 Apr 2018

Spring photo diary, blossoms, sloths and babies

Spring photo diary pink girly blog aesthetic
If I was being realistic it might be 'bottoms, sharpies and baby related makeup carnage' but I don't have photos to cover those moments! So I will supply you with highlights from my month instead I will save those

6 Apr 2018

Modern ITV Victoria inspired look

Jenna Coleman style old fashioned vintage girl inspired look
Only a little while ago I wrote about my favourite modern Victoria style picks here, modern pieces that emulate the look of Jenna's gowns, a ruffle here, an off shoulder neckline there. I've been on the lookout for

1 Apr 2018

Notes from a gerbil crazy human

About gerbils pet shabby chic blogger
As a gerbil breeder I often feel like the parent and grandmother to many tiny, funny individuals. After purchasing brothers Hei Hei and Sushi last year, I have since gone on to breed them, they are now one year old

26 Mar 2018

Princess sleeps here, Marie pyjama giveaway!

Disney blog international giveaway
I have put together a little Rafflecopter giveaway for the chance to win a lovely bundle of pick me ups to thank you for reading my ordinary little blog haha! I wish I could gift you all for your support as it means so much to

21 Mar 2018

A few things spring

Favourite pink girly nostalgic shabby chic spring things
Happy first day of spring all! The new season has been so late to bloom this year, I'm just starting to see a sliver of evidence outside the museum in our town as the earliest milk pink blossoms begin to peek outside of their

17 Mar 2018

Modern technologies that will forever amaze me

Vintage girl lifestyle blog, my favourite modern inventions
I'm forever being blown away by the hi tech gadgets I spot online, whether I'm reading up on blogs, they find their way in to my inbox, or I'm shopping for practise swimming gear for Oscar. I wanted to take a moment to

12 Mar 2018

No butter gooey creme egg brownies

No butter creme egg brownies recipe
Easter baking is dangerous!! You can so easily fall off the beaten path in to a packet of mini eggs or in to the trap of thinking the calories don't count if it's homemade. Before you know it you're sat with a spoon in your

9 Mar 2018

My modern Victoria style picks

Victorian outfit ideas Jenna Coleman style
Nowadays we have so much freedom to choose what to wear, what with our modern means and developments in fashion and underwear, which enable us to adopt fashions from other eras, taking the styles we love and

28 Feb 2018

February in photographs

February girly pastel blog photo diary
I wanted to squeeze in one more post before February ended, so decided to make a little photo diary! It barely feels a week since I last made one of these but I had so many photos amounting that I wanted to share and

23 Feb 2018

Some cute things in my bag and choco locks*

What's in my spring bag and Lee Stafford choco locks review
How does February go so quickly? January seems to kick about for three months long haha! I've been working on the next #romanticgals newsletter and eating quantities of tinned peaches. Despite this I've been on a bit

17 Feb 2018

Carrots, bunnies and stockings for spring

Spring shabby chic blog wishlist
I love light and airy shades, no more so than during winter-spring when everything feels fresh and new and I am begging for daylight to fill my room. I'm loving all the white, buttery and caramel hues, the cute shirts 

12 Feb 2018

The raising a little man project

Shabby chic parenting lifestyle blog
Motherhood is so strange, there are still things I'm experiencing that are completely new to me and things I'm still waking up to. That I have an actual son, a little baby boy - one that is quite a lot bigger than that now! -

8 Feb 2018

Valentine's ideas... with a toddler!

Girly pink Valentines day
I can't say that I partake in Valentines day, other than eating every red velvet cupcake in sight, catching up on blogs, admiring the bouquets and gifts on instagram and buying the heart shaped and bunny rabbit 

4 Feb 2018

Hearts everywhere, Valentines and gerbil treats

Shabby chic decor and Valentines treats
Hello February! It's at this time of year I spoil myself silly with Vanessa Carlton music, especially on good days where I am able to spring clean, I put 'Nolita Fairytale' on full volume and belt it out until I wish I hadn't haha.

31 Jan 2018

January photo diary, lilac and Lakes*

Lake District winter blog photo diary
I'm so happy that January is drawing to a close at last. Last week I got hit with a super flu bug which brought on an overwhelming fatigue spell. I could barely move and could barely eat, drink or hold or look at my

25 Jan 2018

I took my babe to Barbados, part two

Barbados Caribbean travel blog diary
Here is the second part to our adventure in the Caribbean last month. It's a little breather from all the pink in my blog feed haha! Thank you so much for reading along too. Halfway through our stay we decided to explore

22 Jan 2018

New pretty winter purchases, beauty & interior

Shabby chic decor beauty blog haul
I've passed the refusal stage where I didn't want to accept it was winter and now I'm digging in my heels and determined to make the best of it. I savour my sofa duvet time without feeling guilty, take time to swim in a

18 Jan 2018

I took my baby to Barbados, part one

Barbados Caribbean photo diary travel blog
In December I took our two year old baby across the entire North Atlantic to experience his very first slice of island life. We left behind a winter wonderland cold, grey world and landed twelve hours later, sleep-sodden

13 Jan 2018

Creating a summer home hideaway in winter*

Wax Lyrical spring Meadow fragrance review
I'm a summer/spring girl. Every time January comes around, my mind fast forwards to summer. In my heart I'm spending my days somewhere between the flower scented realms of a Tennyson poem and perched on a

8 Jan 2018

The best kept secret of header & logo design*

Last month - it feels so strange saying last year! - I embarked on a mini design project and created my own professional logo with Logojoy. I first came across them as I was looking for something glamorous, subtle and

3 Jan 2018

Winter sales wish list

Winter sales blog wishlist
The weather is 'wehhh' outside, without use of a better word, so I thought I would carry on last year's tradition and compose a list of the prettiest things I found in the sales to cheer me up. I decided to include my
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