22 Aug 2017

London birthday photo diary

London birthday photo diary
I have been on a small blog hiatus as we have finally moved in to our first home after a year of planning! I have been struggling to balance house renovating, caring for little boy and blogging, whilst trying to manage on

14 Aug 2017

The all-temperature ice cream, Choc on Choc*

Choc on Choc Mr Whippy review
Like summer days, the moments enjoying an ice cream are fleeting, passing in a haze of silk sweet vanilla, "raw like grained silk". From snapping open the tub, to fragrant mouthfuls sliding to nothing on the

10 Aug 2017

Macarons, blush suede and Lush

Laduree and Lush shopping haul
I recently made my very first Laduree purchase after visiting the store for the first time. Even though the store was teeny, visiting was such an experience in itself! It was a paradise cave of beautiful desserts, dainty cakes,

7 Aug 2017

An afternoon with Pandora #DoSummer*

Pandora #DoSummer blog event
Last weekend I went to my first bloggers event in London, set in an enchanted Pandora's garden in Regents Park. The location was so perfect, I have a kind of obsession with Regents Park; there is such an air of sadness
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