19 Sep 2017

Preschool ideas for little ones

Oscar is due to start nursery school come September 2018 and we don't feel ready at all! Oscar is still very shy with other children and adults alike and unused to group sessions in a learning environment. I'm looking to

17 Sep 2017

Chocolate blackberry bear biscuits

Chocolate blackberry bear autumn biscuits
Autumn time instills in me a great urge to bake. Growing up in my Grandma's garden, every autumn meant going to the orchard, searching through the windfalls on the ground, reaching to pick damsons, going

12 Sep 2017

#RelaxandRecline, autumn home wishlist*

Autumn home blog wishlist
Oh, a brand new season! "The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!" Well, almost. There is so much to indulge in come Autumn. We have been

8 Sep 2017

Feel good drinks for on the go*

Feel Good summer autumn drinks blog review
Last autumn I taste tested some Feel Good drinks on the blog. This year, equipped with a host of brand new flavours, I thought I would share some of my favourites, the flavours that I'm filling my purse with, as they fit

5 Sep 2017

A very Disney giveaway, Beauty & the Beast

Disney Beauty and the Beast blog giveaway
 I've been so grateful lately for your lovely comments and involvement in #romanticgals that I wanted to run a giveaway to say thank you. I know there are many Disney fans amongst you, some who missed out on the

31 Aug 2017

Face Florals, a meadow on my face*

Face Florals review, vintage outfit blog
My Hogwarts letter came and it had flowers inside. Or that's what I thought. The packaging for these is so beautiful! They are Face Florals, carefully dried and pressed flower heads, petals and flakes that you can use to

26 Aug 2017

A new house in the Lakes

New house and home decor haul
For such a peaceful setting it's felt so crazy, rushing to cram in bed frames, flooring, painting new walls. I still can't get my head around that it's our own first home, it feels like we are staying in a holiday home! With

22 Aug 2017

London birthday photo diary

London birthday photo diary
I have been on a small blog hiatus as we have finally moved in to our first home after a year of planning! I have been struggling to balance house renovating, caring for little boy and blogging, whilst trying to manage on

14 Aug 2017

The all-temperature ice cream, Choc on Choc*

Choc on Choc Mr Whippy review
Like summer days, the moments enjoying an ice cream are fleeting, passing in a haze of silk sweet vanilla, "raw like grained silk". From snapping open the tub, to fragrant mouthfuls sliding to nothing on the

10 Aug 2017

Macarons, blush suede and Lush

Laduree and Lush shopping haul
I recently made my very first Laduree purchase after visiting the store for the first time. Even though the store was teeny, visiting was such an experience in itself! It was a paradise cave of beautiful desserts, dainty cakes,

7 Aug 2017

An afternoon with Pandora #DoSummer*

Pandora #DoSummer blog event
Last weekend I went to my first bloggers event in London, set in an enchanted Pandora's garden in Regents Park. The location was so perfect, I have a kind of obsession with Regents Park; there is such an air of sadness

31 Jul 2017

Treating my inner five year old

Disney Primark blog haul
You know you're secretly five years old when you unashamedly dance in the aisles in Primark upon finding their treasure trove pyjama section. You know when you're little and you appreciate every small thing, glitter

26 Jul 2017

New room pieces, Pusheen and photo prints*

Last weekend we took a special trip to Liverpool. I had been so excited to visit the new Art Noveau exhibition at the Walker and definitely Primark too, at the prospect of finding some adorable Disney pieces. I may have

22 Jul 2017

Behind the scenes, parenting with M.E.

Parenting with M.E or CFS blog diary
This post was originally going to be called 'Tree climbing and skirt swishing'. I don't like to talk about my ME/illness too much, the reality is very ugly, horrible and difficult, I definitely don't think it belongs in the

17 Jul 2017

Blush, white and rose gold stationery pieces*

Kate Spade Ban.do blog stationary haul
This is probably my pinkest post of all time haha. There are few things lovelier than having everything matching in my room, even if it does look like a five year old lives there. If this sounds like you and you

14 Jul 2017

So...? summer body mists collection*

So...? body mist blog review
I love stocking up on body mists during the warmer months. They are a pleasure to use, so refreshing, especially taken straight from the fridge, while offering a beautiful fragrance that sets the mood for

9 Jul 2017

Oscar is twenty six months

Toddler baby blog update
Here is a little Oscar update-joint-insight in to our breakfast time routine. There are shreddies and wholemeal nutella bread slices on my Grandma's pretty plate. Of course, he insists on a picnic in the bedroom!

4 Jul 2017

Garnier soothing botanical rose water*

Garnier Skin Active rose review
Happy fourth of July to all my American friends! I lately made a personal breakthrough in the skincare department: I haven't actually been allergic to something. I had been gifted these Garnier Skin Active beauties

30 Jun 2017

A few guilty pleasures

Blog recent favourites and guilty pleasures
Sometimes the rainiest day can be just what you need, so soothing and the perfect excuse to slip away, escape from every day pressures and immerse yourself in some kind of fairytale. Involving a book that whisks you

26 Jun 2017

Out and about in the Lakes*

Lake District blog
On a hugely hot and sunny morning we headed up on an adventure in the Lakes. I was partially struck with a cold, which meant I felt considerably better in myself, no ill or exhausted feelings; it was sooo much of a relief

21 Jun 2017

Payday wish list

Summer blog pay day wish list
My summer wishlist is full of rosy champagne hues! Out and about I've been seeing all kinds of Moana merchandise, it's so tricky to walk away haha. I had been needing a new bag to take away on trips... me

18 Jun 2017

Midsummer blog sale, beauty & dresses

Beauty fashion blog sale
Happy Sunday everyone! Instead of having a #romanticgals chat this week, I am excited to launch a midsummer blog sale, in hope that some of my beloved dresses might find new homes. I would love to

16 Jun 2017

Too Faced, Funfetti and Love Fool set

Too Faced Funfetti Love Fool review
I'm so excited to bring you the Funfetti blush from the Too Faced Love Fool set! I've had my eye on this set for a long time with everything so cute, the blush the stuff of dreams. Like many others, I had been

12 Jun 2017

My June photo diary

Pastel blog photo diary
Lately I have been peppering my instagram with snapshots from our little outdoors adventures and these yellow cottage climbing blooms are so gorgeous. Hands up who else is on rose alert this time of year?

7 Jun 2017

A little stationary haul

Blog stationary haul
I recently picked up a few stationary pieces. I needed some more writing paper... and got a bit carried away! I love to shop stationary on ebay and etsy, it's so therapeutic looking at all the pretty papers and

3 Jun 2017

Curly Wurly cupcakes

Curly Wurly Cadbury cupcakes recipe
I first wondered about making these during my recent Nostalgic Picks post, thinking how fun it would be to make a cake version of my childhood all time favourite chocolate bar, the Cadbury Curly Wurly.

29 May 2017

Must haves for small homes

There are many lovely things about living in a small home or space; it's super cosy and encourages you to adopt a more minimal style of living, especially if you are a hoarder like me! However, here are some

25 May 2017

Nostalgic film picks for romantic girls

Fairytale film favourites
Today I thought I'd try something different and go back in time to about the early years of the noughties. The time of begging my mum for cd's from supermarkets and swapping them at sleepovers. I

23 May 2017

Sorrento, Italy photo diary

Sorrento Italy travel blog diary
Lately I have experienced the absurdity of something I could only name as wanderlust. A calling, some great thirst for adventure and the sea, sent me to Naples airport, Italy and, soon after, the beautiful coastal

19 May 2017

Summer decor wish list

Summer decor blog wish list
One of the most exciting parts of moving house, or welcoming in a new season, is introducing some new home decor pieces. Think palm prints, beach wood and shells for summer, scented candles with

16 May 2017

Fairytale nails with Sally Hansen*

Sally Hansen Shell We Dance
These spring days and beautiful Sally Hansen shades have rekindled my love for french manicures and classic, glossy nails! These are perfect summer shades, delicate, milky, nails-but-better shades that make

13 May 2017

Skin treats for allergy season*

Just recently I was so grateful to receive and trial a dear little parcel of Cetraben products. I love trying out natural and homemade remedies on my sensitive skin. It is so hard to know what to try 

6 May 2017

Brush of dreams, the Tangle Angel*

Tangle Angel brush blog review
We are spinning through spring so quickly and have almost reached the sweet, hazy, leafy days of summer in the Lakes. I wish I had found this baby earlier, it would have been my weapon of choice to see

2 May 2017

Garden in the fells

Rydal hall and gardens visit
Just as the bluebells and rhododendrons were beginning to take hold, we took a trip further up in to the Lakes and visited beautiful Rydal hall and gardens. My childhood was made from these kinds of

25 Apr 2017

What's in my spring bag

Accessorize Perfume Parfum bag
If humans could have bag soulmates I'm certain I've found mine. I can't resist a novelty bag and this super cute perfume crossbody number from Accessorize is the stuff of dreams. It's so mini, pretty and romantic

21 Apr 2017

My April photo diary

Spring blog photo diary
I thought I would do a little montage of what I've been getting up to this spring. Ten points anyone who spotted I've got my pug sheets upside down haha! Our moving plans are still sadly up in the air due to

18 Apr 2017

Sushi, Hei Hei and their tropic themed home

Tropical Moana themed gerbil home
If you follow me on twitter or instagram you may have heard that we are happily getting acquainted with two of the most heart warming male baby gerbils named Sushi and Heihei! I fell for them instantly

13 Apr 2017

A look inside the Yes Style spring makeup kit*

Yes Style beauty box blog review
I'm such a stranger to Korean beauty so it was a huge treat to be able to enjoy the items from the Yes Style beauty box* as part of my self care routine. Recently I have been working so hard to try to take

9 Apr 2017

Too Faced, Peanut butter & jelly palette

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette review
Pretty florals, check. Cream, blush hues, check. Bow bag, check. We usually associate spring with baby pinks and pastel shades but I can't get enough Peanut Butter and Jelly this season. This palette sports the

5 Apr 2017

Pink Easter rocky road

Pink Easter rocky road recipe
Spring is possibly my favourite ever time of year to bake. Ingredients include a sunny afternoon, fresh spring sunshine filtering through our rose garden window and our tiny little cubbyhole kitchen. It's so

1 Apr 2017

Peanut butter, lipstick & flowers

Hello April! Beauty hauls are some of my favourite ever posts to read, there's something very exciting about seeing new makeup, especially the most coveted pieces, through a whole different lens. It's such a

29 Mar 2017

Babe and the blossoms

Twenty two months toddler blog update
 Our little blossom boy is already twenty two months and has started to say his first official words! I say official as, before, he would come out with words, for us to be amazed, to then never utter them again

25 Mar 2017

Planning a spring staycation*

Planning a spring break staycation, pack with me
Spring break is not often celebrated here in the UK, but it's always nice to get away, if only for a day, while the sun is shining and bringing daffodils in its wake. In collaboration with Dat Tyres, who are on

22 Mar 2017

The modern girl's guide to corsets*

I've always been deeply fascinated by the idea of a corset. Being a lover of vintage fashion and styles originating from the Victorian, Edwardian era, I have the greatest love for that fit and flare waist.

19 Mar 2017

Little happy things

Little joys lifestyle blog
Here are some happy little things from recent. The gorgeous sunny days, light mornings and evenings are such a breath of fresh air and worth every drop of spring rain. We are hopefully moving in come early

16 Mar 2017

The Pre Raphaelite gown edit*

Aislestyle dresses blog wishlist
It has dawned on me that there is not nearly enough flowy gown appreciation on my blog, especially with the upcoming wedding season. In collaboration with lovely dress company Aislestyle I thought I'd make a

12 Mar 2017

Papa Don't Peach gloss, Too Faced

Too Faced Papa don't Peach gloss review
Hello beloved new Too Faced peach baby fangirl alert could a lipgloss be cuter? This is my first piece of the new peach collection from Debenhams and I am head over heels. The pigmentation is amazing and it

9 Mar 2017

My little spring hideaway*

Posterlounge review spring room tour
Welcome to my spring abode! This month my room is adorned with these gorgeous Pre Raphaelite works from PosterLounge. Do excuse any boxes, bubble wrap or papers lying around, it's been a bit

4 Mar 2017

#FindYourNaked with ThirdLove*

Third Love bra blog review #FindYourNaked
I love to think of March as being the first month of spring but the weather has other ideas haha. As eager as I am for spring to arrive, with lambs in the fields, sun glazed days and blossoms everywhere, I long

28 Feb 2017

Easy sugar almond pancakes

Easy sugar almond pancake recipe
 Happy Shrove Tuesday! Today I'm sharing the recipe I use to make my pancakes, plus my secret ingredient - those of you who read the Romantic Gal Society newsletter may already know! These
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