28 Sep 2015

In the apple garden

Signs of autumn have arrived in the garden and the apples have grown plumper as their picking time approaches. Windfalls are scattered amongst leaves in the sun drenched grass.

25 Sep 2015

Autumn candle collection

Autumn is one of the most romantic times of year, with the evenings darkening, candle wax burning thick and hot on the mantlepiece and the smell of the stove heating up. It's perfect for

22 Sep 2015

Free garden wallpapers

Now autumn is fast approaching, here are some lovely summery wallpapers to bring some warmer weather to your screen. Flash back to your homescreen at every opportunity on a grey

18 Sep 2015

Life lately in snapshots

1. Sunny September weather - I'm really enjoying taking little walks with Oscar, especially as the summer seems to have finally caught up with up us at last! We walked past a lovely garden

15 Sep 2015

Jane Austen, seven novels

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my last post! Writing it felt really refreshing and therapeutic. I am a few days in to trying citalopram and am feeling a bit queasy with the

12 Sep 2015

Anxiety after baby

I am writing this because I feel ill and haven't felt well for a while. I feel like my brain is somehow deteriorating because I feel so strange and terrible. Depression has never affected me in a low-mood sort of way, which has puzzled many doctors! I don't have any symptoms of 'typical' depression, yet I get the physical side of it: wanting to sleep all the time now, feeling disorientated and a loss of connection between my eyes and reality; most of the time I feel really unwell, exactly like having flu.

9 Sep 2015

Jardins romantiques

6 Sep 2015

Four months old

4 Sep 2015

Sud de France

2 Sep 2015

Six enchanting dresses*

*Sponsored post, picture credit: dresses courtesy of www.promtimes.co.uk
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