31 Aug 2015

My travelling outfit

28 Aug 2015

Regents Park diaries

23 Aug 2015

Unboxing Pandora rose

21 Aug 2015

Elven pleasures

17 Aug 2015

Castle and wilderness

14 Aug 2015

Candle, roses and charms

Today Oscar had a routine bloods appointment, so we took him on the train. Luckily it took less time than anticipated, so we were able to stop off in town and look around, despite the heavy showers! It was so enjoyable browsing in all the little warm shops and we took advantage (a little) of some of the summer sales. Oscar wore his little rain cover over his push-chair until so much rain had collected in it, the world must have looked like an aquarium! Yesterday we had a visit from the health visitor who was eager to weigh Oscar; he is thankfully growing very well and now weighs more than 12 pounds!

12 Aug 2015

Three months old

Now Oscar is 13 weeks and hit his 3 month mark on 10th August. His most recent development is sleeping for longer hours most nights - he often only wakes up once at about 3am. We are both still pretty sleepy in the day though! He still sleeps in his co sleeper cot next to our bed, though when he wakes he often tries to wriggle in to our bed now and I think we will be putting up the sides soon. I love to watch him when he sleeps, he reminds me of a little doll with his dimpled mouth and rosy cheeks.

8 Aug 2015

Long hair favourites*

5 Aug 2015

Delights in town

Just thought I might share with you some quick pictures from our venture in Keswick last week. Oscar was doe eyed and adoring when he was awake! I adore these little rosebud heart decorations! I'd love to try and use them as some kind of elaborate kind of hair ornament. Cosy old fashioned gift shops are so decorative and sweet, bursting with 'shabby chic' items. Quaint, little English milkshake diners habit the main street.

2 Aug 2015

Hello August

Just taking a moment to welcome in the new month! I was pondering on the bus - there is nothing more precious than a day. Not one wish, jewel, flower or dream is ever more valuable, and nothing goes as quick as a single day. Adult mayflies live their entire lives in the space of twenty four hours. A day is all that we have right now. My board for this month is primarily decked out in pinks and golds - 'a' is a pink kind of letter for me and August is a golden, indian-summer kind of month, especially as by the end of it the leaves are already going gold in the last tired stretch of summer.