23 Jul 2015

Roses and apples

Oh summer, I love thee. Even when all the spring flowers and rhododendrons have passed, there are still roses in our gardens! Roses are most beautiful, I think, because they are always somewhere in between living and dying. Even as the rose unfurls the outer petals are already somehow decaying. I took these on an afternoon where we had little glimpses on sun coming through - but as soon as you stepped outside it would be cloudy. We are having grey weather for mid July with few fair days; the past week has brought summer rain and low temperatures. At least the ground is well watered - good weather for gardeners - but we live in hope for an indian summer. I am excited to go to France where we may be blessed with some sun! 
There are apples already lying on the grass in the orchard, yet they are only babies! They are a little behind this year, I think because of the great cold spell in May, but perhaps this means the apple harvest this year will keep us going long in to the winter. There are a great number of them too! I can't wait for the cinnamon apple pies and sponges in the autumntime.
At least we have bearable temperatures for gardening! Are you excited for autumn?


  1. So cute! Who isn't excited for summer??

    Much Love | Trillu.com | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. Aw thank you! Summer blessings! :D x

  2. What a lovely bunch of photographs. I especially love your line about roses, "They are always somewhere between living and dying..." If you think about it, isn't this true for all living organisms? :)

    I am blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think: www.kellmenow.com

    XO K

    1. Ahh thank you for your lovely comment! That is so true, I think it makes everything extra beautiful, that they are so impermanent :)

      I will - your blog is beautiful! :D x

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