30 Dec 2015

Life lately in snapshots #4

I've been so busy over the festive period, I swear I've gone through a month's events in just a few days! Feeling wise, I haven't been having the greatest spell: some very sleepy, unwell, nasty

27 Dec 2015

A fairy merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a lovely time and finding and enjoying peace and prosperity this holiday! A few days before Christmas, I was very excited to receive my Jess

22 Dec 2015

Japan Candy Box - Fairy treats Giveaway*

On the eighth day before Christmas I received a very special parcel from my post office, complete with a pretty sticker, marked 'Japan Candy Box'. I've heard so much about this

20 Dec 2015

Festive soundtrack favourites

Classical music has always been the most festive for me and instantly puts me in a jolly mood. Maybe it's being so involved with the choir at Christmas time when I was in primary school?

16 Dec 2015

Winter beauty favourites

I enjoy so many posts like these, I wanted to try and make my own little version! I'm sorry I have been absent for a little time: it is my partner's birthday and we have travelled down to the

12 Dec 2015

Oscar is seven months

Little boy is seven months old now and quickly shedding his baby chub! There have been a number of exciting developments this month, from gaining extra strength, enabling him

9 Dec 2015

A little bit about where I live

I took these pictures back in the summer but since the skies are cold and grey I wanted to take the opportunity to go back there and show you a little glimpse of the Lakes for the first time! 

6 Dec 2015

Etude House color my brows

Happy Sunday! I haven't actually done a beauty review/update for a while so it's definitely the focus of quite a few posts I'll be bringing out this month. Beauty blogs are very often my

2 Dec 2015

Holidays wishlist

Happy December everyone! I've been so excited for this month to start for a while, not least because of the 'Blogmas' event happening everywhere. As you might guess, I won't be partaking

29 Nov 2015

Life lately in snapshots #3

Hello there! November's dark palette has taken over much of this month's update. I have noticed my anxiety abating a little but I have felt very unwell and fatigued. I have noticed that,

24 Nov 2015

An exploration of mood

Today, I've been exploring. I spent some time down by the beck, near the back of the garden, where the dark water gushed, branches shook and the leaves curled and threatened to fall.

21 Nov 2015

Favourites on my table

We are racing through November so quickly! Sparkly festive decorations are already everywhere and Oscar loves staring at them from the library windows. Winter supplies are

17 Nov 2015

The garden in November

We have had so much heavy rain recently, I have not been able to post a little garden update for a while! The garden in November is not a spectacularly pretty one. Everything is wet, bare and

13 Nov 2015

Four small, yet incredible home accessories

*This is a collaborative post but photos are my own

It’s not always about the big shapes and pieces of furniture in your home. Sometimes it's the little things, home accessories, bits and bobs here and there that tie a whole room together and make a huge statement, that come

Staying mindful with Depression

I've been experiencing a complete mix of good and bad days recently; some where I feel so motivated but ill and others where I am completely overwhelmed by a desperate urge to sleep

10 Nov 2015

Six months old

I cannot believe my little chou is now 6 months! It's amazing to watch him transform from his walrus-like baby chub to a lovely growing little boy. He is very sweet natured and loves to

7 Nov 2015

Haunted ghost girl

Goodness gracious, the days are getting darker! Today I wanted to try something a bit different with my photography. I've recently been inspired by a lot of Jess Woods' photography: it really

3 Nov 2015

How I press my leaves

Happy November! Are you altogether more glad that we are advancing further towards the colder months? Or does your heart still lie in summer? There is a beautiful eeriness about

30 Oct 2015

Life lately in snapshots #2

Happy Halloween-eve! One of my favourite things to do on Halloween is have a long dusk-ridden walk down the forest lanes and then settle in to a cosy night of pinning, watching

25 Oct 2015

Feeling energised in autumn

This shiny hand gel fell from a chestnut tree, I swear! With the clocks already back an hour, the sky a dragged out purple, the day is late to bloom. The absence of light means the roads gleam

21 Oct 2015

A Mori style hideout

With a little peek at my new Gunne Sax dress! I managed to get it second hand and super cheap after trawling long and hard through the internets and *managing to find a UK size 10* - good

18 Oct 2015

Romantic October park

Parks are the nicest places to take leisure in while autumn is here, they become a wonderland of changing leaves, conkers and squirrels alike. It was especially sentimental for us as it is two

14 Oct 2015

Cute mini haul

I am often feeling so sleepy with IH/depression at the moment, it is as if I have ne'er slept at all! I've had some days where I have felt very scared too and gotten anxious over the slightest

11 Oct 2015

Five months old

I have been down with flu for the past few days so been a bit out of things but luckily had chocolate, candles and this petit chou to rouse my spirits and make getting better a lovely cosy,

5 Oct 2015

A world with Octobers

1. Chocolate Milk bag, Accessorize - I love this shop so much, I end up falling in love with everything from window displays to little girls party accessories! This quirky chocolate milk bag

2 Oct 2015

New ipad mini case

I have a little post due commemorating the arrival of October - this wasn't on my schedule but I just wanted to drop it in! I had a small browse through New Look today as I went shopping for

28 Sep 2015

In the apple garden

Signs of autumn have arrived in the garden and the apples have grown plumper as their picking time approaches. Windfalls are scattered amongst leaves in the sun drenched grass.

25 Sep 2015

Autumn candle collection

Autumn is one of the most romantic times of year, with the evenings darkening, candle wax burning thick and hot on the mantlepiece and the smell of the stove heating up. It's perfect for

22 Sep 2015

Free garden wallpapers

Now autumn is fast approaching, here are some lovely summery wallpapers to bring some warmer weather to your screen. Flash back to your homescreen at every opportunity on a grey

18 Sep 2015

Life lately in snapshots

1. Sunny September weather - I'm really enjoying taking little walks with Oscar, especially as the summer seems to have finally caught up with up us at last! We walked past a lovely garden

15 Sep 2015

Jane Austen, seven novels

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my last post! Writing it felt really refreshing and therapeutic. I am a few days in to trying citalopram and am feeling a bit queasy with the

12 Sep 2015

Anxiety after baby

I am writing this because I feel ill and haven't felt well for a while. I feel like my brain is somehow deteriorating because I feel so strange and terrible. Depression has never affected me in a low-mood sort of way, which has puzzled many doctors! I don't have any symptoms of 'typical' depression, yet I get the physical side of it: wanting to sleep all the time now, feeling disorientated and a loss of connection between my eyes and reality; most of the time I feel really unwell, exactly like having flu.

9 Sep 2015

Jardins romantiques

6 Sep 2015

Four months old

5 Sep 2015

Easy fruit to grow in your backyard

*This is a collaborative post but photos are my own

There is something that is so much more rewarding about eating fruit that you have grown in your own garden as opposed to the standard produce that you buy in a supermarket. Perhaps it is the fact that you have

4 Sep 2015

Sud de France

2 Sep 2015

Six enchanting dresses*

*Sponsored post, picture credit: dresses courtesy of www.promtimes.co.uk

31 Aug 2015

My travelling outfit