24 Feb 2013

Rimmel 'Wake me up' and update

Haha, well first I have to apologise for the mini break I've been taking from blogging. It's mostly because I'm going through a bit of a bad patch with my anxieties at the moment. I have so many worries and I haven't felt like doing anything :( Anyhow, today I've made an effort and jazzed the look up a bit, so I feel like something's been accomplished.
The diddy sweets in the pictures came from M&S; they're sugar free so I can have them on my 'diet' when I get a sweet tooth 8)

This is such a handy little product! It's a radiance balm that's supposed to give your face a fresh and healthy glow. I'm loving all these products that work on emphasizing natural beauty rather than covering it up! It comes in two shades, a rosy shade for a blush and 'Shimmering sand' as a bronzer. I think it costs about a fiver from Boots/Superdrug - and I think that's a bit steep seeing the size of the tube, it's tiny! It's quite handy for if you're on the go though; you can just slip it in your pocket/bag.
I found the results quite tricky to capture by camera, but a tiny dollop blended in adds a nice subtle tan and shimmer to your skin. It definitely gives a healthy glow and refreshes tired/dull skin really well. It's really longlasting and smells gorgeous! Wouldn't recommend for oily/shiny skin types though - the effect is quite shimmery; and a little goes a long way. I found it great for using as a highlighter rather than in a foundation kinda way as the coverage is nicht so gut.
Mmm would I repurchase? I'm happy I picked this little beauty up but probably would stick to my CC cream in future for a more subtle glow and better coverage.
Do you like Rimmel's Wake Up range? :)

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  1. I don't know if this will sound patronising (I sincerely hope not) but if you struggle with worries you should try reading Dale Carnegie's "Stop worrying and start living". He's the most famous self-help author in the world and the book really helped me with panic attacks, anxiety and OCD. It's really readable and also interesting!

    I was interested in this at first but like you said it's not appropriate for oily skin :( I'd still like to try it though as my skin get's dull all year round and sometimes I need a little pick me up! xx

    January Girl ♥ Nails Inc + Eylure Giveaway ♥

    1. CBT massively helped me, but only in partnership with medication. I hope things get better for you, having been through the same thing I know it does get better!

      Thanks, I will definitely try it in that case! xx

    2. That's what I'm having at the mo, I can't have one without the other. It started to get much worse last summer and has continued from there, but I'm improving a lot on my current medication :)
      Aw thanks, that's cheered me up loads! Love finding people that understand :D
      Have a great week ahead! xx

  2. I hope you come out of your bad patch and feel better soon! I love the Wake Me Up Foundation, I think it's a great highstreet product.

    Megan xxx

    1. Thanks so much! Awesome, would love to give that a try :D

  3. I do, but I've gone of the foundation because of the lack of colour range! I might try this though! X


    1. That's exactly what's put me off a number of foundations, just don't have my colour :3 I recommend this though, it blends in nice to any skin tone :D

  4. This product looks really interesting. I see it as a highlighter to highlight cierts parts of our face, it would be great to try for summer or spring.

    1. Agreed! Another reason to ditch the heavy makeup and go barefaced this summer :D

  5. Where did you find this at? I was just at Target yesterday and I didn't see it!

    1. I found it at my local Superdrug, but I'm not sure about other places sorry x

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  7. Love Rimmel products :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know :)



  8. It has a lovely glow to it on your hand :) I may be in need of some of this as I always look so tired - must be from all of my blogging lol.

    Be great if you could check out my latest post on my: Boohoo #GlobalStyler entry & birthday in Manchester.

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  9. That glow on your hand after application is just wonderful. I think i'm in need of this since I don't get much sleep and always look very tired.
    Thank you for this wonderful post.


  10. Looks amazing!

    xx MJ

  11. your blog is so lovely!
    that products seems to be amazing!
    Lana :)

  12. sparkling edward cullen skin! haha :P


  13. This product looks amazing! I've never tried any of the Wake Me Up range but this looks really good! It seems like it would work better on darker/tanned skin rather than pale skin though, and I'm quite pale at the moment so I would definitely need to try before I buy with this product!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  14. sounds great! would really love to give this a try!

    xo Sarvin

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  16. Really wanting to try this out, I've got both the foundation and the concealer, but I'm yet to purchase it!
    Love your blog by the way, just followed :)