16 Feb 2013

Basking in the Lush Twilight

Happy weekend all! Twilight is a Lush favourite of mine that I love revisiting. Time and time again its starry face pops up in my bathtime collection and it's gorgeous lavender scent haunts my cabinet. It's true that while you're waiting to use your bombs you can use them as a room/draw freshener first because the scent is so strong! 
Lush bath bombs are definitely my favourite because you get so much in terms of performance. You get amazing colours, gorgeous scents, glitter, popping candy  - and a very entertaining bathroom experience whichever one you get!

Twilight is of no exception. 
First thoughts - It's a big lilac coloured bomb with little moons and stars patterned on it's shell. The outer layer is quite powdery and can be crumbly so it's best to take care when handling your bomb. The smell hits you before you even take of the wrapper - it's a soft dreamy lavender scent that's perfect for the bath before bedtime. It's so calming and relaxing!

In the water - Yes I did test this out before having a bath haha! It turned the water slightly grey at first but once dissolved turned a dark violet colour - supposed to resemble the night's sky! On contact with the water it fizzed round and round, forming a foamy layer. Once the pink shell spilled open it poured out streams of beautiful blue glitter that swirled around in a pretty pattern. It smelled divine! The white foam floating on top is all silky when you touch it and it leaves your skin all soft. The glitter does attach to you afterwards but it's very subtle and I found it a nice touch. 

Overall - Bath art anyone? I would totally recommend this to anyone who's looking for a lovely relaxing soak!

  Are you a lush'oholic?

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  1. looks lovely! and sounds like it smells nice haha xx

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  2. Look lovely! I like the design :)

    Kimberley x


  3. This looks so pretty! x

  4. I haven't been to lush in so long, well other than to purchase 'Angels on bare skin' but I really do need to get a bath bomb sometime soon, I used to buy a new one every other week when I worked across the road from a Lush. Might try this one out.


    1. Awesome! The bath bombs are the best I think - or the bubble bars. But I'd love to give 'Angels' a go - thankyou! :D

  5. I love this one! Think it may be my fav' x

  6. I've heard so much about this!

    xx MJ

    1. Haha same! Though I liked it so much I had to recommend it aswell! xD

  7. This looks lovely.



  8. Oh thanks your blog it´s very lovely too
    and WOW! i´ve never seen a eyeshadow like that
    i following you too xoxo :)

  9. I am a lushaholic too.. not tried this one yet though sounds fab!
    Followed back x


  10. super cute bath bomb! i haven't been using one for ages!
    would you like to follow each other?

  11. I love Lush - I think I will have to try this bath bomb - it looks absolutely fabulous!

  12. like lush products a lot;) want to try this one now;)X