29 Jan 2013

(Early) february wishes

Yes I am aware it's not February yet (lol) but I want to do this early and leave time to actually grant my wishes in the upcoming month :) That and I'm already pretending it's pancake month, for breakfast's sake!
So I'll whip out my maple syrup and ring in the month with some decorative goodies from my wishlist...

1. Benefit's Fine One One - So many shiny reviews floating around about this product. Benefit are great at making flawless face products that are amazing and this is a lovely addition to their collection. I love that you get 3 pretty shades in one and it blends and luminates so well. The only setback is the price but it's definitely something I'll be looking out for.

2. Cupcake Cases - I want to experiment with different flavours and designs and foods. I hadn't realized cooking could be so creative. I never liked it previously, but after baking some chocolate goodies at the weekend I think I'm hooked! I'll attempt a bakeoff every Sunday or so... and wouldn't it be fun to do a yummy giveaway! I'm also thinking of planning a proper bakeoff between bloggers in April :D If you like the baking thing rejoice in the knowledge that it's here to stay, sorry diets!

3. Soap and Glory's Peaches and Clean - I fell in love with the sound of this product after hearing about it on the wonderful Chloe's Way blog! Soap and Glory plus Peaches = nomnomness. It's supposed to be really gentle aswell as cleansing, ideal for more sensitive skin. Already a massive fan of S&G, I can't resist picking up another product if it's that recommended :)

4. MAC (or otherwise) - I'm hunting down a pretty pink shade for spring - and I think I may have found it in Pure Zen - but Shy Girl and Japanese Maple are both lovely so I just cannot decide here :3 Can anyone recommend me a nice light pink shade?

5. Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub -  Supposed to smell like a nommy oaty banany breakfast (with brown sugar)... Did I mention I absolutely need a new scrub. No of course I'm not just buying it for the smell...

6. Rimmel's Apocalips - The new lip lacquer on the block, I'm desperate to try Nova as the colour looks gorgeous! Would love to do a full review on these too, they sound so interesting.

7. Modcloth dresses - These are too nice and everytime I visit the site I end up pinning some! I love these cute vintage dresses, especially the ones with long sleeves. The only sad thing is that some go out of stock pretty quickly - but no worries, you can request to have the item back in again, aswell as vote for your favourites to go on sale - check out Modcloth here

8. Yankee Candle - I love scented candles and with Valentines Day around the corner they're so popular at the minute! I'm lusting after 'Fresh Cut Roses' after discovering the new range at Boots recently :)

(Bah Humbug! - A diddy reminder to stock up on mints as my stash is running thin on the ground after Xmas!)

Woah that went on a while - a big thankyou for reading this far! 
What are your wishes for this.. eherm... next month? ♥


  1. Great picks! I want to try Breakfast Scrub and Apocalips too x

  2. Those all sound super cool. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Soap and Glory recently, but haven't had money to try anything recently.

    1. They're very good products - defo worth a try! hehe thankyou :D

  3. gorgey wishes! I would also like to buy these soap and glory products and this mac lipstick is a must have *-*


  4. Great items! Have you checked out hue by MAC? it's one of my absolute favourites! Shy girl is lovely too but it's a little darker and more peachy toned :) xo


    1. Thanks - that's really helpful! Will defo check it out :D

  5. it's never too early for a wish list lol. The cupcake case looks really cute. New follower here.

    xo erica

  6. I really need to try out apocalips!! look amazing


    1. Hehe same, I keep forgetting xD Ty!

  7. I have that candle, its lovely :) want to try the breakfast scrub too!

    great blog, i am following !



  8. Nice dress!

  9. I heard a lot of good things about benefits. I dont have anything from them yet though.

    1. Same! They've always been a bit out of my budget xD

  10. hey what do you use to make this palette thingy?

  11. Great picks! I deffo have to try the S&G stuff too! XX

  12. Love a good wishlist!
    Thanks for the visit to my blog. You can count on me now as a new follower too :-) xxxxx
    p.s gorgeous layout.

  13. Of course I'm following you back dear, your blog is super cute!!I like your February list!lots of love!Coco

  14. Hello from Spain: thanks for visiting my blog dedicated to Barbies. Since I became a follower of your blog. I really like your wish list for the month of February. Keep in touch

  15. Love the lipstick! :)
    Cute blog, I'm now following. :D

    xx MJ

  16. Great wish list, i love number 4 MAC lipstick, i have bought a couple of pale shades of lipstick and they all look terrible on me! :(



  17. These are awesome products! Many are on my wishlist too :)

    Pearls & Paws

  18. I want all of these!

  19. Really want to try the Apocalips lippies as well!



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