9 Nov 2012

Work on 'Daisy Daisy' piece ♥

It's been a while since I did a post on my art so I thought I'd show you how 'Daisy Daisy' is coming on! Here's a quick preview above :)
I didn't want to photograph the whole thing yet as I don't want to give too much away at this stage of the painting (mainly because she looks like an alien without hair! xD)
It does need a lot more work doing. I'm pleased with the eyes and skin tone so far - I made sure to mix blues and greens in for the cooler tones in the face - but the other half of the face needs re-modeling. Acrylic is my favourite media to use as you can just keep sculpting and refining until it looks right. I have to say that I took the plunge with this one - I went straight in with a sponge full of paint and didn't map it out with pencil beforehand. This technique, although trickier, I've found it's much more fun!

In a five minute break from my studies, I decided to challenge myself. I find charcoal one of the trickiest medias to use as it just ends up smudging everywhere! I don't feel that I have as much control over it as I do with acrylic and in that way I tend to avoid it. This was a barrier I was determined to break through however, and I managed to pull out a decent sketch within a few minutes! 
I get my charcoal from a local DIY store, the putty rubber from a rather posh art shop and the paper I use is actually lining paper I got from Poundland! Seriously! It works just as well as posh cartridge paper and is so much cheaper! (For painting I need a slightly rougher texture from Homebase) 
Anyhow, I went straight in with the charcoal - no mapping out with pencil first - first defining the eye and building everything else around it. The subject is the same photo I'm using for my 'Daisy Daisy' piece above :)

On a final note, I decided to paper my sketchbook! I love this paper so much - very appropriate for my 'Daisy' piece! What do you think? ♥


  1. I've just find your blog and I love it ! It is soo cute and cats are adorable <3 Love your beauty tips,posts and your art is amazing *___* just love it !
    I'm definitely your new follower! When you have time check out my blog and follow me on my Facebook page if you like :) thanks anyway! xox Tihana <3


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