30 Oct 2012

Make mine ModCloth ♥

Picks of the day... I love these cute vintage style pieces too much; why can't it be spring? ^^ Clickety click

Make mine ModCloth svp! Thinking of Pinteresting these... ♥ My apologies for this post not being remotely Halloween-y xD 

27 Oct 2012

Laurence Amelie ♥

My favourite artist of the moment and definitely worth a feature on my blog.

I love

♥ The loose, messy style of the paint and how it looks almost spattered on, capturing the ethereal and 'flyaway' quality of these dresses. There's something romantic about the spontaneity of how it's been applied, and her subjects, mainly flowers and tutu dresses, being fairytale objects. The paint looks carelessly applied, which creates her famous 'shabby chic' style. 

♥ Her use of colour! I love how stark whites are used against a dusky background. The pastel colours give a softer quality to her work and are reminiscent of  beautiful 18th century elegance. The colours are rich but they are so carelessly slapped on.; you can almost imagine it lying abandoned in an attic for years. In that way it holds a certain sadness for me, but you can also imagine how it would grace someone's boudoir or grand hall when hung among rich interior. 

I will definitely be attempting some pieces in this style. It's refreshing also to try something more abstract, as most of my work tends to be more observational - and would also add a touch of shabby chic to my portfolio :)

Visit her wonderful site here...  http://laurence-amelie.com/franglais.html
Visit this blog for more 18th century shabby chic beautifullness...  http://beautifulinteriorsand18thcenturystyle.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/laurence-amelie.html

24 Oct 2012

The Neffi Report ♥

Happy Wednesday everyone! In this post I decided to give an update on how my little Siamese is doing with her pregnancy, since it's only a week until the kittens are due! It's her second litter and the kits are due to be born around Halloween. She's been eating a lot so far, sways alarmingly when she trots down the stairs, and looks like she's swallowed a football when she stands - so we're expecting a good few in there! You can also feel them kicking... aah so exciting... be prepared for a lot of pictures in a few weeks time. In the meantime I apologize for these photos being pretty darn huge, PM was being awkward on my computer :3

Prettiest name of the day - Reinette. I've been watching too much of Doctor Who's 'The Girl In The Fireplace'. It's a sweet name for a kitten though! Got any more name ideas? Please post below! ♥

21 Oct 2012

Tumblr blog of the week! ♥

Dear readers,
So sorry to have not posted in a while but my studies are keeping me so busy!
I thought I'd share with you my favourite Tumblr blog of the week:

Do check it out! She has such a pretty collection of images that would grace anyone's We♥It page...

My We♥It page...  http://weheartit.com/FloatingMarshmallow#

(If anyone has Tumblr and would like to be featured just send me the link and I'd be happy to check it out!)

5 Oct 2012

Victorian Diary Project ♥

 Ever since I was younger I wished I was born in a different time or wished I had my own tardis to travel back a few hundred years :') Although life today is much easier than it might've been then, there's something special about the past lives of our ancestors and what sort of world they might have lived in. 
I live in a very old farmhouse with a colourful history - it's been a farm, a pub and a shop throughout the past few hundred years. It's so cool thinking about what people's lives must have been like living inside the same house. I think it's nice to imagine it's haunted if you believe in ghosts :) 

There is also something almost magical thinking back to Victorian England - and all the years before that! When I was eleven I kept a Victorian Diary - inspired by Jacqueline Wilson's 'The Lottie Project', I invented a character who lived 100+ years ago in Victorian England. I filled each log in every day and gave her a big country house with servants, a swing in the garden, nice dresses and a siamese cat. Although it's nice to embrace modern trends, I like to keep a little piece of the past with me. Maybe in the future people will be imagining what our lives were like with IPhones, Laptops and Oreo biscuits! ^-^

*Picture credit WeHeartIt

4 Oct 2012

'Au Natural' ♥

Proving this is also a lifestyle blog aswell as a product reviewing one, here's a quick study in acrylic I did in Art today. It's not completely finished but I was pleased with the tone so thought I'd take a few snaps to share with you :) I found the facial proportions the hardest to get right as the model had quite a square jawline with quite an elongated face. As I concentrated mostly on the face, the shoulders are unfinished but it was nice to challenge myself with a more complex piece, preparing my portfolio for Uni next year :)

'Au Natural' 
Close up of face 
(The colours have changed slightly due to photo quality)

3 Oct 2012

New Essie - 'Smooth Sailing' ♥

My first Essie polish! I've been wanting to try these for a while now as they're much reviewed and appreciated by many blogs out there. I have to admit that I originally avoided Essies as I didn't like the packaging - it kinda reminded me of the plastic polishes you get with little kids magazines lol - but 'never judge a polish by it's packaging' is a lesson I've learnt since purchasing. I was ideally hoping to get a more autumnal colour fit for Halloween... so I selected 'Smooth Sailing' - a sort of dusky violet blue ^^ It reminds me of the evening skies at seven, as they gradually start to close in for winter. 
I was really impressed with the quality! - it gives great coverage (two coats are best but it still covers great with one), really quick drying time, hasn't chipped and has tiny flecks of gold glitter which are really pretty :3 It's a 5/5 from me and I can't wait to try some other shades :') Plus I really like the packaging now... I'm so glad I put my past beliefs behind me! xD x

1 Oct 2012

Hello October! ♥

It's time to flip over the page of my calender again - but October is the most beautiful month. The run up to Halloween feels so exciting - I'm like a kid again - and I'm planning on giving this blog a bit of a Halloween makeover! There's all these new effects on PicMonkey that are great for doing up your photos and graphics in Halloween style so I can't wait to try them out :D

*Picture Credit WeHeartIt
I was browsing through Boots recently and picked up this amazing shower gel for just under a fiver. That seems a lot considering other brands, but it reminds me of the Philosophy ones I love so much - and is a great deal cheaper than them! It also comes in really cute packaging and sweet gingerbread is the perfect scent for autumn! The bottle has a cute message on the outside and the creme inside is sparkly and smells like a combination of lemon, cinnamon and ginger... nom nom nom... I like how it's not too strong but leaves your skin smelling nice afterwards :) Overall, it's a pretty gift that's perfect for October! 

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