22 Sep 2016

Using OGX to grow princess hair*

OGX is a brand I'm passionate about, it's my secret trick to keeping long, full locks and there is no better treatment for sensitive, colour treated hair or for my scruffy ends. Their shampoos are unique

18 Sep 2016

A little town in the Lakes

Please know that I have all kinds of autumn posts lined up for you, it is only for the season being so late to bloom this year! It is quite peculiar waking up to foggy, misty mornings that later bloom to 24c

15 Sep 2016

Unicorn horn, Lush exclusives

I've been wanting to review this beauty for a while, ever since managing to snap it up in time from the Lush Kitchen. I'd been kicking myself ever since I missed it last time and was over the moon to see

12 Sep 2016

Autumn bits and pieces

Read: not very autumnal bits and pieces! Here's a look at what has been filling my September evenings, the nights already drawing in. Sertraline seems to be doing good things for me and I've been baking
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