23 Jan 2017

Oscar is 20 months

20 months toddler blog update
It's been so long since I did an Oscar update! Even though developments aren't coming as quick as they did in his first year, meaning I often overlook them, there are so many amazing new things to report.

18 Jan 2017

A little January sales haul

Pastel blog sales haul
It seems so long ago now - January always seems to last for ages haha! - but shopping the January sales is one of my favourite parts of the year. I get a bit overly excited and even created a post Christmas sales 

14 Jan 2017

A very sweet #romanticgals giveaway

I wanted to say the hugest thank you for all the support the Romantic Gal Society has had so far, in the form of a little giveaway! Simply signing up to the newsletter, giving me feedback, tagging an image, 

11 Jan 2017

A Lakes winter break hotel wishlist*

Compare Hotel Prices review: Winter break in the Lake District
Come the chilly month of January, I'm not the only one longing for a break, an escape from the cold, wind and rain, a new adventure. Instead, with help from comparison site Compare Hotel Prices, I am
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